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21 Replies to “John Bolton on Tucker, March 7 2018”

    • 1) They found WMDs in Iraq but for some reason the government didn’t publish that fact.

      2) Do you really think North Korea and Iran don’t have nukes? Do you really believe they won’t use them?

      • I believe that North Korea and Iran are dangerous for us and that they have nukes.
        However I do not want mother mistake like the one in Iraq
        It was bad for America it put us in aposition of inferiority.we lost not Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
        We looked like losers.
        I don’t want this again.

      • Richard – When you say WMDs it would be good to be specific. What I understand is that chemical and biological WMDs were found, NOT nuclear weapons. Some significant amount of yellow cake was found that was quietly taken out of Iraq and I think sent to Canada.

        • At one point the UN directed the USA to fly sorties to take out Saddam’s Calutrons once they were discovered. A slow and clumsy and expensive route to a Uranium bomb but they had them and did use them till they were destroyed. So suspicion of another path to breakout is not at all unreasonable.

          In retrospect the irony is that he refused the offer of A.Q. Khan’s nuclear centrifuge facilities to make U235 as he thought it was an American trick and went the Calutron route. The Iranians went with the Khan Hexafluoride centrifuge route.

  1. “We” are not threatened by Iran’s threats to Israel, because we are not Israel. What happens on the Gaza Strip is not under our control and we have nothing to do with it. If we control entry to the US, Hamas is not our problem.

    Bolton repeatedly talks about Israel. He states that the problem is not a direct threat to us but to Israel.

    He is right. We are surrounded by two oceans and Canada and Mexico. Iran is nothing to us. Any attack that Bolton makes on Iran will be considered by many in the US as actions in favor of Israel at our expense.

    Anyone paying attention in the past 20 years knows that the “reordering” of the Middle East under Bush and his advisers came entirely at our national expense, cost countless lives and was the consequence of putting a foreign nation’s interests before ours.

    • Iran considers us the Big Satan and Israel the Little Satan, they have said they are going to destroy but the big and little Satans. Not that this will change you mind but how about the many Hezbollah agents in the US? How about the Hezbollah training camp within 50 miles of the Texas border? How about the Islamic prayer rugs that are found on a daily basis by the Border Patrol and the Texas Rangers?

      As I said Iran keeps saying they are going to destroy the Big Satan, any move against them will be a preemptive move to keep them from getting missiles that will reach the US. You and others can say that you will be upset over a move against Iran, the thinking people will be happy that Iran was taken out before they could attack us.

      When people keep saying they are going to kill you pay attention they may mean it.

  2. Did you actually delete “Myfreeeurope’s” Jew hating post as well as my rebuttal?
    I’ve never seen censorship on this site like this.
    The best tonic for hate speech is more speech.

    • Yes Vlad did it. Unfortunately he uses the name of a great romanian warrior .
      I respect and admire Vlad Tepes (the son of Dracul).I know all about him.
      So this vladtepesblog is a shame and usurper of a great hero.

      What I said was not antisemitic.
      What I said was the truth;I used to live in Israel and I know judaism very well.
      I know Tora and majority of hundreds of roules of kashrut .
      Israel should fight its own fights not involve USA.
      Unfortunately the jews direct USA in all decisions and I saw a tape in which Netaniahu insists that Sadam had nukes.In the parlament he said that.
      If people are with the head in the a__ss then they should stay there.However, it will not help at all with reality check.

      And what I said about the hassidic guy with his altzeimer mom was exactly the truth.

      So, from the beginning:
      a hassidic asshole comes with his mom ( alzeimer ) to sort out the meds.
      During the conversation the idiot prays with the tora in front of his dirty and smelly face( which I think the guy did not wash his clothes for aloooong time),
      never lifting his kippa covered head once and balancing himself front / back like a good hassidic jew.
      OK, so all conversation was transmitted through his mom( I felt so sad for that woman)… God only know what actually he got or not.
      That is a good example of extreme religious manifestation.
      But, what do I know… in Tel Aviv there is a huge building that deals only with diamond trading … what people you say are coming in and out that building???
      Hassidic jews… so they have the diamonds, believe me as long as they will be, the settlements will never ever end.
      I am not antisemitic, I am actually a realistic observer.

    • Yes and no. I have seen antisemites hijack a thread or a platform and his “Sneaky Jew” remark was outside what I want my visitors to read, or will allow.

      The fact is, ‘Nazi’ keyboard infantry have an actual strategy of hijacking threads and infusing subjects, often totally unrelated ones, with Jew Hate.

      On my Youtube channel this was a full on assault, I had to remove a couple of dozen of these guys and now the comments are robust and interesting.

      But what I saw was a quite deliberate attempt to hijack a platform to an agenda, as per strategy.

      The “Sneaky Jew” thing, well if you want an example of what I am talking about, the team recently did this amazing Israeli documentary on Islam in the USA not long ago:


      I cannot control the comments there as its Discuss.

      Look at what happened. Think any serious discussion of the actual topic is possible in the wake of antisemites plastering the thread with Jew-hate and Israel-hate till everyone gives up?

      As for freedom of speech, I am not advocating that someone who says “sneaky Jew” should be jailed, put into government reeducation camps, or be denied a platform. For those who remember the fellow who stormed the Rolling Stones stage at Altamonte when Kieth Richards took off his Telecaster and chopped him in the head with it, no one but no one claimed that Kieth had denied this man his right to play guitar.

      It was Keith’s stage and platform and he gets to pick the music.

      “I don’t know the key to success. But the key to failure is trying to please everybody”

      -Bill Cosby.

      • You allow that guy Pa to put filth on your site but not my rebuttal to myfree europe?
        I think you got your meds mixed up.
        Hey, it is a tense time and you own this site. I will minimize my comments here.
        Best wishes,

        • No, your comment got deleted by accident because it was under his “filthy Jew” comment and deleting his meant subordinate comments got deleted as well I guess. I dunno, I hadn’t done it before.

  3. There’s an entire UNIVERSE of websites for those who want to string chains of obscenities together, or spew the latest blood-libel. Counter-Jihad and conservative websites/videos attract predictable, monotonous trolls.

    Why host gibberish? Why wade through streams of filth to find worthy comments?

    I want to learn things, share ideas, commiserate, laugh together with people who are reading or watching the same thing at about the same time. As a community we make it a living thing.

    Consider what’s placed before us:

    An exquisite array of offerings by a gifted and supremely generous host – our own Eeyore – plus all the people who contribute time and talent –

    …Martin, Wrath, Rita, Norse, Egri, Xanthippa, Richard, Norse, Perfect, and and and…

    …NOT fall head-first into a pail of VOMIT.

    • Now im lost. To whom are you talking and about what comment? I thought I explained it. A guy said “sneaky Jew”. I didnt want to let that slide and your comment was attached. There was no way to delete his remark without taking yours with it, and I did not know that at the time.


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