Tommy Robinson attacked in London by Red end of the Red-Green spectrum

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  1. Connect the dots between what happened to Tommy and what was in the Lauren Southern video. It is highly probably that this attack was sanctioned by the British Government.

  2. OT-

    So I tried to take a break from the war because I don’t want to be a bore of a father and husband.

    Never fall into a haiku without a rope. Especially one about postmodernism. You get what you deserve for being that stupid.

    So there i am for the longest time in this friggin’ hole when finally this feller named Bugs comes along and throws me a line. Well, my advice to you is don’t always trust the person who throws you a rope. It may not be worth it. Sometimes you’re better off just sittin’ in that hole until a familiar face blocks the light at the top.

    Robert DeNiro had a great acting career then blew it by ranting about Trump. It’s one thing to be stupid and naive and to keep quiet about it. It’s quite another to broadcast to the world how dumb and brainwashed you are. Frances Macdormand just accomplished the same trick for me. I didn’t mind her until today. –Until I saw her politicize her life’s work with the ugliest movie in history called Three Billboards Outside Ebbings Missouri. Oscar winner! Clearly the leading lights of Hollywood’s Left are on a kamikaze mission to rectify every patriarchal injustice in the U.S., even if they must destroy the country in the process. (The hope.)

    You see dim-witted, bigoted, alcoholic, white male cops and husbands overacting their belligerence. You see Clint Eastwood reincarnated (before he is dead) as a stoic, tough-as-nails postmodern heroine who owns every wife-beating, racist, homophobic white man she crosses paths with. The clunky mechanics of this film are so obvious, the forced overtones so obtuse, that it is no wonder Macdormand won the Best Actress Oscar. It was all set up. Propaganda from start to finish. How sad the United States made this piece of cinematic gruel. Hollywood has too much money and power. The time has come to curtail its ugly, menacing messages. When a film and an actress can win such critical acclaim with such a gruesome, shallow portrayal as this disingenuous piece of mean fluff, you know the fix was always in. Blow the joint up.

    I could go on but won’t bother. I urge you all to see it. Yes, you will be giving them money but it hardly matters. In the end it won’t help them. The weak-minded sophisticates will laugh and clap at the film’s hollow moral bullets, as they did when I saw it in my upscale hood. But i am better for going. It sharpened my sights. I imagined my mother seeing it. She could smell a liar. I saw her turning to me with that look of hers. It was a drop-dead look that says you’re finished. You’re caught.

    This movie shows Hollywood at its talented worst. It’s about time film goers stop swallowing its nonsense. Selling tickets with groin kicks to children, and foul-mouthed parents is lowest-denominator sensibility.


    • Oh, Johnny~
      I missed you. I never really trusted Bugs: fiddled your style, played fast and loose with your icon.
      Take breaks from the war, sure, but it’s not good for your health to remain sealed inside a poem – or a bomb-shelter – for too long. The air gets bad.

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