More on the Israeli academic, Mordechai Keder and the propaganda war for Jerusalem

A couple of days ago, we posted a translated talk by the foremost expert in Israel on Islam and Middle Eastern politics as he addressed the Israeli Parliament.

Since then, readers who are much more familiar with this man’s history than I, have sent in other videos of his interviews. This one on Al Jazeera cuts right through the BS about Jerusalem. Its quite satisfying actually.

Sometime after this, the interviewer expressed his displeasure at the Israeli expert’s failure to pretend along with muslims and leftists that history has to start exactly when its convenient to them and when that doesn’t work out, well history doesn’t matter anyway.

More recently:

Thank you Jonathan.

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7 Replies to “More on the Israeli academic, Mordechai Keder and the propaganda war for Jerusalem”

  1. I’ve never agreed that Muslims are an ‘Abrahamic’ religion. Christians are, having adopted the Old Testament as an essential part of their religion, but Muslims? – I don’t think so.

    • No they aren’t an ‘Abrahamic’ religion, this is one of the lies the Moslems tell trying to foll uneducated people into believing there isn’t any difference between Islam and Christianity. In reality Islam is a cult that got out of hand and given the discoveries of the real old Korans in Oman there is a lot of doubt if Mohammad ever existed. This death cult has lasted this long because technology didn’t allow them to threaten the entire human race, now technology allows them and the communists to threaten everyone.

  2. The spoils of war is not something we base western ethics on today.That thankfully belongs to another era.In the case of Zionist Israel and Palestine,Jew,Christian and Muslim have their own rightful and just claim.For as long as one can remember,all religions and peoples have called this land theirs,and any attempt or argument to dispossess one or the other is contemptible,and must be condemned.
    Native Americans can lay claim to being the first People to inhabit and rule America,and no one can deny that non-native Americans,descended from European settlers some hundreds of years ago,have an equal right and claim to citizenship today.
    For Jew or Christian and/or Muslim Arab to deprive one or the other of their deserved and/or stolen birthright to their homeland is ethically criminal and an abomination.
    Something that is often forgotten,conveniently so by Zionist Jews and the Christian Right,are the Christian Palestinian victims of Zionist occupation,displacement and ethnic cleansing.

      • Perfectchild explained the difference between “trolls” and “trollops”. He used a previous comment from this person to illustrate his point. This is an OED-definition “trollop”.

        I think the bottom line is just avert your eyes from a trollop; time and energy best expended elsewhere.

    • Dr. Kedar knows you must speak directly to these people in their own language, with knowledge of the culture. Probably true of most other peoples, but certainly those on “the Arab street”.

      It’s great that Naftali Bennet [Israeli Minister of Education] has made instruction in Arabic mandatory in all Israeli public schools. He may grow up to be PM someday.

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