What appears to be a highly contrived protest in Italy

In what looks suspiciously like a far-left wing “never let a crisis go to waste” sort of protest, lots of people I think from Senegal protest for their right to have everything they want given to them in a country that didn’t want them and that they entered illegally.

Some of it is disguised as anti-racism and gun control BS, which makes it more likely that this is a far left wing, Soros funded organization production. Quite often the people carrying the signs cannot even read them.

Please post any corrections or additional information in the comments if anyone becomes aware of any.


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One Reply to “What appears to be a highly contrived protest in Italy”

  1. Why doesn’t Italy just deport these freaks? They’re Illegal Aliens & have 0 Rights, Zip, Zilch, None!!!

    Load them All up in cargo planes & drop them from 45,000 ft. over their home countries with NO Chute.

    Repeat with ALL Illegal Invaders.

    Problem Permanently Solved!!!

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