Government-media complex so Marxist, it should have a warning label

Examples of fake-news and selective enforcement to a predictable, post-Marxist, postmodern set of rules instead of classical liberal principles of one law for all, are so common they barely rate as post worthy. But still, most people don’t even get it yet. So we will plod on.

Some examples however, are next-level selective enforcement and really do have to be seen.

A Hungarian women wrote that she is so ashamed of Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s anti-National suicide policies that she would “never have a Hungarian boyfriend again”.

Her punishment for what would under other circumstances be considered abhorrent racism got her, her own column in the UK”s Guardian newspaper.

At the moment, I don’t much like being Hungarian. In recent years I’ve started feeling that my nationality resembles a nasty skin disease that I want to scrub off. When I’m abroad, I hide my accent and I call myself a “world citizen”. I’ve vowed never to have a Hungarian boyfriend, or even to settle down in my own country. I hate the fact that much of the world now believes Hungarians to be intolerant and longing for authoritarianism. Not that long ago we were barely ever mentioned in the international media. Now, we’re a primary example of illiberalism in Europe.

An observant and thoughtful commenter added this to the comment section:

The ‘turn-around’ logic is pretty reasonable really. Sauce, goose, gander and all that.

So what did the guardian do with it scant minutes later?

That is correct. The state of controlled, Soviet style Marxist and Marxist race theory, or postmodernism, has reached a stage where a polite, well worded comment that shows the fallacy of anti-white racism as a form of morally superior, anti-racism, is now a violation of community rules and will be removed.

The time to buy old Shakespeare books from estate sales and store them in weather proof barns is now. It won’t be long till those that control the present start to more aggressively control the past in order to secure a controlled future.

(An afterthought. Notice the hijacking of the term, “Illiberal” by the author. In fact her article is racist, supremacist and illiberal. A liberal view is that all people are equal before the law, and that one decides on an individual basis who is worthy of your attention based on whatever standard you set for yourself for your own purposes.)


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  1. Civilization has fallen in all Western Nations, if we are to preserve anything for our descendants we must start saving our shared history and the arts as fast as possible. All of the books must be stored in water proof boxes and kept from public view or someone will inform the authorities that you have forbidden books. In prior struggles between freedom and the left there were always nations that remained free and preserved the facts of history and all of the arts they could. Today there isn’t any nations in which the left doesn’t control the Educational System and are busy working to ensure that the only art that survives is that which glorifies the left.

    People are fighting back and as long as they continue to fight we will eventually win, the victory in the culture war will take decades before we manage to undo the damage that the left has inflicted. The fight to reestablish the rule of law where all are equal under the law and every case is decided on its merits will take a long time because the left knows that under such a system their political ideology will lose as people fight to save their freedom.

    Our current goals in the war are to:

    1) Preserve as much of the rule of law as we can.

    2) To develop a new Educational system that will bypass the leftist control and thus preserve Greek thought and real science.

    3) Preserve our individual liberties and rights. While I worry about the loss of civilization I know that what is important is preserving freedom, if we remain free we can rebuild civilization. If we don’t preserve Individual liberty and rights it will take Centuries to regain them and to rebuild civilization.

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