Canada, US, South Africa, all defending from the Red Green alliance: Links 1, March 3, 2018

1. India raises tariffs on Canadian exports.

(It is hard to believe that Trudeau could be this bad a leader by accident)

WINNIPEG (CNS) — The Indian government has raised the import tariff for chickpeas from 40 percent to 60 percent. This is the second time India has raised the tariff.


Published in the Gazette of India on March 1, the government said the tariff is to be imposed immediately, due to circumstances that make it necessary to take immediate action.


On Feb. 28 Reuters published a story stating India’s cabinet had approved doubling state purchases of oilseeds and pulses from farmers, in a bid to boost local output and prevent distressed sales.

2. AfD: Why is Merkel opening the borders anyway?

3. African migrant attacks Italian refugee worker because there’s no Wi-Fi

Two weeks ago we shared a video about how some of Italy’s elderly want food while the country’s refugees are complaining about Wi-Fi access. That wasn’t an exaggeration as a migrant worker has now been attacked over a lack of Wi-Fi.

A twenty-six-year-old Senegalese migrant attacked an asylum centre worker in the Italian town of Cassino after he complained the place had no Wi-fi, Italian newspaper Ciociaria Oggi reports.


The man continuously asked about the Wi-fi signal and showed threatening behaviour when his requests went unanswered. A few moments later he decided to attack the migrant worker.

(You know the old geopolitical axiom: “Any government is only 7 days with no internet porn away from revolution)

4. Iran calls on U.S., Europe to scrap nuclear arms, missiles

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran will not negotiate over its ballistic missiles until the United States and Europe dismantle their nuclear weapons, a top Iranian military official said on Saturday, keeping up the Islamic republic’s tough stance on the issue.

5. Gad Saad explains a recent post modernist paper. 

At this stage, it would be worth knowing how corrupted the peer review process is. Is it still a good indicator of real scholarship? Has it been as corrupted as scholarship itself, at least in the humanities? Is it so bad, that Peer Reviewed now guarantees its postmodern credentials?

6. Toronto: ‘Painstaking’ investigation begins after massive Streetsville fire

Mississauga’s fire marshal will be starting a “painstaking” investigation today after an explosion and a massive blaze engulfed a construction site near a seniors’ residence and a high school in Streetsville on Friday night, says the city’s fire chief.


On Saturday afternoon, some 1,100 residents near Tannery St. and Joymar Dr. were still without power after a massive “wind-driven” fire broke out at around 7 p.m. on Friday, forcing the evacuation of some area residents for several hours, according to Mississauga Fire Chief Tim Beckett.


Sixty firefighters and a number of support units arrived after receiving calls for an explosion and a fire near a four-storey, wooden-frame building that was being constructed as part of the second phase of the Credit River Retirement Residence. At around 9:45 p.m., Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie told media on scene that the fire had been put out but the construction site had completely collapsed. […]

Gordi Birsbin, a resident who lives nearby, told the Star on Friday that she saw multiple fireballs and heard one massive explosion that shook her house and several smaller ones.

4K drone footage:


7. Expat from South Africa calls Michael Savage show:

8. Top 10 from The Rebel. 

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Xanthippa. Bugs, Gates of Vienna, and all who sent in materials. More to come.

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13 Replies to “Canada, US, South Africa, all defending from the Red Green alliance: Links 1, March 3, 2018”

  1. (It is hard to believe that Trudeau could be this bad a leader by accident)

    Ask you self this, has he ever done anything that helped Canada instead of hurting it?
    If he is just stupid and incompetent he will make mistakes and help Canada by accident, if he is doing this deliberately these “accidents” will happen less often. In his 8 years in office I can only think of Obama helping the US once and then his Marxist belief system told him he was hurting us.

    The one time he helped was when he stopped launching people into space and said private industry would take up the slack. As a believing Marxist he thought that private industry would be unable to take over the space launch industry. He thought he had made a move that would force the US out of outer space.

    • Richard said: “…If he is just stupid and incompetent he will make mistakes and help Canada by accidet, if he is doing this deliberately these “accidents” will happen less often….”

      Well observed. But I fear it’s stupidity that drives Trudeau, which can be – imo – much more dangerous than wickedness. I wonder who pulls the strings of this obviously intellectually challenged marionette that is Trudeau…

      O/T nice to see you are continuing the good fight, Richard, I have not seen Yucki lately, give her my best

  2. 7 – We are seeing the left use the tactics that worked in Africa and seems to be working in Europe, These tactics are classics but when we know what is happening we can work against them, The election of Trump and others in Europe are signs that the people in the US and other nations are waking up to the danger. We don’t have to go down the same path to disaster that other nations did, all we have to do is to fight for our culture and are freedom.

  3. # 7.

    Heartwrenching to hear this voice: “…Our greatest weakness was our compassion…”

    This is the suicidal instinct that seems to be universal. It reminds me of the often mis-interpreted Nietzsche announcement that “God is dead”, what the German Philosopher had said was:

    „Gott ist tot! Gott bleibt tot! Und wir haben ihn getötet. Wie trösten wir uns, die Mörder aller Mörder?“ – God is dead ! God remains dead! And we have killed him. How can we [ever] console ourselves, we the murderers of all murderers?”…

    He later completed this truth (but I cannot find the place at the moment, so my memory will have to do) by adding: “Mit unserem Mitleid haben wir ihn getötet” – we have killed him with our pity/compassion”

    Here is what has been going on in South Africa:

  4. 2- This man gives good insight into things. That Merkel threw off the stage a small German flag which was handed to her at a public function is an image that has never left me. That she and so many other European leaders have no children is also salient.

    The hypermorality required to believe in Climate Change, and Globalism, also requires one to put the welfare of distant, unknown strangers ahead of the person next to you. It means the massive loss in standards of living suffered by western countries for the sake of carbon taxes and green energy programs are only for symbolic virtue signalling on national scales, because any carbon emission reductions accomplished will be offset by the filthy Chinese and Indian industrial machines.

    This hypermorality means you care more for the savage Syrian invader than you do for the daughter he murdered. Now you are a “Modern” global citizen, replete with your feet tied to the rails of your oblivion. And the more you invest in this–your hypermorality– the less chance you will ever admit to being wrong about it all. You just can’t handle the truth.

    Immigration and energy are the same Open Borders pony riding you into hell. Whatever your perceived failings, whatever bad things you think you’ve done (as in this case a German): here is your penance, your absolution and your repentance all in one. The only problem is that you, in your nurosis, have turned into your own self-consuming sacrificial Host–dragging everyone around you down.

    What’s better than saving a planet?

    I now have doubts about the great evil genius George Soros and his omniscience. Rather, how about a lot of smarts but even more guilt?

    Globalist citizenship–passports printed in vanity or guilt.

    • I wouldn’t call Soros a genius or omniscient but the evil part is true. He and the other far leftists are more delusional then genius but do have skill in sucking others (usually teenagers) into their delusions. Reality is knocking at the door and those who answer have a much better chance of surviving the coming chaos then the ones who ignore the knock.

    • Merkel like the demoncommies & RINOS have ALL Sold Out To The NWO. Their goal is to destroy the west with muslim Invaders. Once they’ve destroyed everything into oblivion & nothing but chaos abounds, then the Antichrist & his NWO will step onto the stage with the solutions to all the worlds problems. Once he gets them to comply he will enslave the world into a dystopian hell. To see how bad it will get read the book of Revelation, last book in the New Testament in the Bible.

      As for global warming. It’s a big fat lie. It’s only purpose is to Destroy Capitalism. You can hear that straight from the horses mouth–Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change in an interview in Brussels Jan. 22, 2014. See article link below:

      U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare

      Here’s a good article I found last night posted on another board. Also confirming that global warming has nothing to do with the environment, but “control”. The few controlling the lives of the masses from cradle to grave….

      The Nazi Roots Of The Global Warming Scare

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