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7 Replies to “Dear Ottawans. Please wear tin foil hats so that the stupid from this doesn’t spread to you”

  1. Let’s be polite. Canadians, but more specifically women, and young people who want to smoke dope, elected a man who we see is in way over his head. How long must this go on? I’m sure he is good at something but has just not yet discovered what it is. Maybe he should have been a plumber. Or a window decorator at an apartment store. There’s no shame in admitting one’s limitations, is there? Or as a garbage man he could show the world his muscles and shout out “I am a Trudeau!.” How satisfying this would be, Justin. There is still time to be a garbage man! Just. Say. Yes!

    The world is your oyster.

  2. [VladTepesBlog is looking for a volunteer translator from idiot to English to handle future Trudeau speeches. Please leave a comment if able to help]

  3. This imbecile is the leader of our country. What does that say about the people that voted for this man and his government ? Are they any less empty headed ? I don’t think they are. They voted for the guy because he was / is going to legalize pot and he has nice hair !! This is a man that has little to no skills !! He can not manage to form a complete sentence without a teleprompter .

  4. I know thousands of idiots and have become very fluent in idiot. I also speak moron, imbecile, douchebag, and asshat.

    • Wow!

      You must live in Ottawa to have that much exposure to those dialects of Trudeau supporters. Keep reading, we will need that expertise when Trudeau starts a war with India.

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