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2 Replies to “BPS on Canada’s obvious future”

  1. At this point, I don’t know how you will turn this ship around.
    Mr. Trudeau made a complete fool of himself (and his family) in India. India, for God’s sake!
    How do you make a fool of yourself in India?
    Mr. Trudeau worked really hard on it…
    Who designed his costumes; I would love that person to be exposed and shamed.

    This is you Canada and I fear for you. You must throw this guy out.

    I can actually say that as much as I despised Obama, he never embarrassed us like Trudeau. At least he wore a f’ing suit and tie to meet international leaders…

    You have bigger problems than Mr. Trudeau’s narcissism.
    You are 38 million people being swallowed up but, keep paying those taxes and energy bills!

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