Legacy media is an actual weapon against reality

Much like how CBC and other lying press is when it comes to reporting non-Leftist, non Islamic events, the German press reported this protest against Merkel’s forced suicide of the German people and culture as “300 people”.

Anyone interested in the CBC’s record on this should check their reportage of the annual pro life march on Parliament Hill every year. Thousands and thousands of people are there consistently and CBC downplays it massively. Now we have to depend on Youtube, while it allows it, to report on the reality of non-Marxist or non-pro-Islamic events.

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  1. Legacy media is an actual weapon against reality

    Only when “reality” is a “social construct”. Postmodernism is a tail-chase of stupendous proportions. It is a philosophical circle-jerk that requires all in attendance to participate in lest there be the slightest dissent. In its febrile attempts to retain once-strong subscriber numbers, much of legacy media is carrying the Left’s Postmodernist water with the sort of biases one usually only sees on a fabric-cutting table.

    As is becoming quite clear, legacy media encounters far more difficulty when it comes to dealing with objective reality. At the very least, the “Rathergate” dispute over “typed” documents (with mysterious proportional spacing), was an opening salvo by online, fact-based, citizen journalism that ripped the mask from one of legacy media’s strongest attempts (at that time) to throw an American presidential election.

    The more recent 2016 election cycle antics of legacy media gave incontrovertible proof that unbiased journalism is a thing of the past. Too bad that there are no reliable metrics concerning just how many millions of people have migrated away from broadcast news resources and over to Internet-based reporting. Those would be some very interesting numbers.

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