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7 Replies to “In Anti-Semitic Rant, Louis Farrakhan Confirms DNC’s Keith Ellison Was In Nation Of Islam”

  1. Not that it would help, but this little ditty should be held aloft to friends who are blind to the rot.

    It also captures the self-defeating ideology of the blacks–that whitey and the Jew decide if you advance in society. –Talk about hate speech.

    How about offering a different message, Louis?:
    1- get a job, or three.
    2- work to get ahead while studying anything that betters yourself. Then, when you’re so tired from working day and night that you just can’t do it anymore….
    3- work more!
    4- don’t hold the Jew in contempt for his success. Rather, compete and win through sheer will. Be proud for what you’ve done.

    Until they smarten up these people are a weight around America’s neck.

    • We haven’t heard much from Dr. Carson since he became head of HUD. Having had some interaction with HUD I can tell you that it is a money sink hole.
      As far as I know, Dr. Carson has done nothing to drain this swamp.

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