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4 Replies to “Germany: Ex-policeman fights state to preserve rule of law”

  1. The fact that Germany is now allowing polygamous marriages in their country is a very bad sign for the rest of the west. It is especially so in that only Muslim immigrants are allowed to exercise this.
    For every “German” this is illegal? But for the barbarians infesting your country this is OK?
    This is disgusting on so many levels; it is amazing to me that the Germans don’t acknowledge it.

  2. This righteous effort, “complaint,” reminds me of Diana West’s remarks days ago at CPAC on the Wither Freedom panel when she politely disagreed with Katie Hopkins who asserted that there’s no way to remove Muslims from the UK. (I found Hopkins’s defeatist remark rather confounding, as it ran counter to her entire address given there. It also admits to a cowardly resignation to the horrific future such defeatism portends for the teetering West.)

    But back to Diana West: she offered that Muslims will self deport when we make laws which prohibit their practice of Sharia, halal, etc. She’s my hero, by the way! I’ve followed her work for years.

    • If/when we start standing up and resisting their soft conquest a lot will self deport, others will turn violent. Getting the ones who will self deport out of the country will be a big victory since the violent ones won’t have anyone to hide behind.

      • Your comment reminds me of a picture I saw awhile back on Twitter of a snake in tall grass with this caption: “Radical muslims are snakes. Moderate muslims are the grass they hide in.”

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