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12 Replies to “Jordan Peterson: Marxist indoctrination in Canadian high schools”

  1. Given my experience with the system there are woefully few angst-ridden teachers. If there were as many as Peterson suggests there would be more public noise, but there is not a peep. Further, those teachers who embrace the new Marxism do so with such zeal there must be very little opposition in their midst. Surely, those who email Peterson must be frustrated enough to throw out the occasional sarcastic comment to their True-Believer comrades, no?

    Then, if you can, turn the whole mess up a notch by having an aware, red-pilled, conservative-minded child in the system. See what it does. A blue-pilled parent with an indoctrinated (therefore quite nasty) brat floats down the postmodern river like a duck. For the aware child, however, it’s rough, indeed.

    Walk out when we hear “inclusive” or “diversity”, he says? Then what? You’ll be out in the hall all day every day in this stupid province.. –Been there and done it. You’re up against the administrative swamp. I even hired a lawyer to no avail. Ain’t no body riding to your rescue and your kid is utterly alienated.

    I’m a big fan, Dr, Peterson, but where children are involved it’s a little more difficult.

    • An aware child is an aware child. My son has laughed his way all through high school. The femaled, are just that, half-brained; who see danger everywhere and run to join those goose-stepping in unison. There are such Socialists, so committed to the safe-space of membership, that any Preferential Group fabricated by the European Human Rights Act they’ll join; even if they really were only thinking very very hard to believe they must be included. Western MDs and governments will agree to flay their skin for them.

      Safety in hiding in collectives. To such people, the LGBTQ+ are towering intellectuals.

      So if a child sees, and does not get upset, they can play them along and always return home wiser. The great novelists and polemists through the ages are not banned, yet. There is no Google sifting through those pages.

      But if you want children to be conservative, then you will fail. We cannot expect them to steer their own lives by telling them Elijah/Jesus/Muhammad – or anyone else claiming to have a Special Relationship with God – is a relationship that they cannot have. These three Prophets who will return on their respective Last Days. This pecking-down, in an Order of Dhimmitude, is just as bad.

      For you are better teaching them from a very young age to hear their own minds, not yours. For a child who only gave you what you wanted to hear would be defenceless to others doing the same. Only making friends with the people they agreed with and enemies of those who they don’t.. Live by example. Your yes be yes, your no be no.

      The Chinese had to develop an inscrutable-look, so the thought-police could not see if they were happy. The pursit of happinesses, of inner-fulfillment, is not a Muslim, Communist or Identity-Belonger concern – beyond comfort of pride. For they worry more about how they will be judged by their peers, when they are dead.

      • All well said, Perfectchild. Hearing one’s own mind is a perilous venture in times of peace, let alone in times of war.

        So as I gently nudge my boats from shore

        I steer them West and to the light

        My hands are off as they set sail

        Sturdy now as rudder goes

        Their compass set while east winds blow.

  2. Jordan Peterson is the voice of reason in the world today. I place what he says in dealing with today’s cultural issues, for example, far above anything that comes from Vatican which should be disregarded as little more than Cultural Marxist propaganda.

  3. Government schools are the enemy. Abolition is the only answer. There is no such thing as “reform.”

    It is preposterous and monstrous that children spend most of their waking hours in any government building. Should the government publish ALL books, ALL newspapers, ALL web content? Would any society in which that is the case ever be considered “free”? Of course not. It would be considered North Korea.

    Government schools ARE North Korea.

    • I’m pretty much with you there. Western governments tend to use finesse instead of torture and gulags for the moment. But that is tactical. Strategically, totalitarian communist states and faux free states grow closer by the day via information control.

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