Germany: Mia’s Killer Is 20 Years Old

An original translation from Bild, Germany.

Scandal about age of Mia’s Killer

Abdul D. killed Mia. When he applied for asylum, the Afghan lied, saying he was only 14. Photo: personal.

Feb. 21., 2018
Kandel –. On December 27., Abdul D. ambushed his ex-girlfriend Mia in a supermarket in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatinate) and killed her with a knife stab in her heart.

Mia V. († 15) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Photo: Horst Welke

The killer is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, and he stated that he was 15 years old. Now an age expert evaluation shows: it was a lie! (no way! E.N.) He was “at least” 17 1/2 years old, more likely 20.

There were early doubts about the Afghan’s age. Photos suggested that he could not possibly be 15 years old.

The background: When Abdul D. came to Germany in April 2016, he stated that he was 14 years old. As he did not state an exact date of birth, the Youth Welfare Office in charge in Frankfurt/Main assigned him January 1, 2002, as birthday.

For this reason, he and Mia went to the same school. His age was neither verified when he entered the country, nor later – a deadly mistake.

Only after the deed, the Prosecutor had his carpus, his teeth, and the collarbone x-rayed for an extensive medical report. Yesterday, Prosecution Landau published the findings.

The press release says: „In his report, the expert comes to the conclusion that the accused is most likely approximately 20 years old. The expert determines his absolute minimum current age to be 17 1/2 years.“

Politicians demand consequences!
Andrea Lindholz (47, CSU), chairman of the Bundestag home affairs committee, says to Bild: “The age should be examined systematically, and nationwide consistently, in the new anchor centres. Medical examinations must not be taboo. Also older cases where there is a reasonable doubt about their age should be examined in hindsight, and corrected systematically.“

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  1. With mommies running the countries
    And Communists paying the debt
    Who’s going to be checking the sundries
    To see if Mo’s bed is not wet?

  2. Fighting age men … 16 to 50 … should not accepted for so-called ‘refugee status’. They should stay home and fight for freedom and liberty in their homelands, not cower in Western nations.

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