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5 Replies to “Berlusconi “Illegal migrants are a time bomb””

  1. Election will be held on March 4, in a few weeks.
    I did a web search to see the most recent poll numbers.
    Unbelievable. As usual, not one website gives the same trend.

  2. Berlusconi “Illegal migrants are a time bomb”

    Berlusconi “Illegal migrants are a NUCLEAR time bomb”

    There, fixed that …

    As in, this entire EU “immigrant” crisis is just one of several tripwires that may end up triggering the annihilation of all Islam. The cocksure (in every possible sense) attitude that Muslims exhibit as they continue thrusting their paper thin narrow-mindedness into Western faces can only guarantee that, once it begins, whatever ensuing Infidel thirst for retribution will only be slaked by complete obliteration.

    Much like delousing a child, leaving even a single nit behind is to thoroughly compromise all of one’s efforts. So will it be with Islam. Leaving behind just one unscathed (potential) jihadi is to willingly invite another 9-11 atrocity. To place our planet at such risk of further, limitless, mayhem has moral consequences that far exceed any psychological burdens related to simply eradicating the entire Islamic threat.

    This is the ultimate penalty that Islam faces for its unabated predation upon a (however mistakenly, sometimes) far more peaceful world. It is as if there is some compulsory directive for Muslims to be those who continually strike matches in the powder magazine.

    Put another way … if Muslims refuse to realign Koranic doctrine, they will become refuse.

  3. So as some European countries start to wake up we have Little Potato Boy (Trudeau) hurtling Canada in reverse at the speed of light. The indoctrination of children via the school system is the cover for Cultural Marxism, and it is going swimmingly. Even under the Soviet system did the commies understand the value of math and science. Not here. Now we have a war on reason supported in the most dangerous way by the Trudeau government. It is here where I would post an article about the gov. recognizing homeopathy quackery but cannot at this moment, but doctors are disgusted by it.

    It looks increasingly like the school system is usurping the role of parents by immersing kids in a radically left-wing belief system.


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