Katie Hopkins has been detained in South Africa on race hate charges

This however is not a race hate event. The president of South Africa and many of his top military people singing “kill the white man”.

And Nelson Mandela singing a similar song. Not a hate crime.

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12 Replies to “Katie Hopkins has been detained in South Africa on race hate charges”

  1. Sign-language in the Zuma video – a cute gesture to progressives?

    Stone Age hominids understand “run” and “machine gun” readily enough. And while they can distinguish between “black” and “white”, those aren’t the skin colors of real people. The fat insect in the green shirt beside Mandela looks pinkie-white to me. Alex the Gray Parrot was smarter than this lot.

    How sophisticated is the racialist selection criteria? To what extent is it shaped by the communist-collectivist agenda? If the owner of a farm is beige-brown, is it the value of his property that’s the determinant of his race-fate?

  2. I have been thinking about what to say about this detention since I saw the video on the Readers LInks. Her detention will probably not bother the British Government but the British people are another matter, hopefully there will be enough pressure put on South Africa before she comes to any harm. This is a wake up call for all Europeans but way too many will say that she deserves this for being a racist.

  3. I am afraid this is the end for her.I think this is a connection between UK intelligence forces and South Africa forces.
    I am very very afraid she will be killed ; she is diabetic and if they will not allow her insulin she may die fast.
    God help her , this brave woman!

    • Wow.

      The UK is racing towards totalitarianism at an alarming rate. See the PJ Watson video just posted. So I cannot say I am surprised, but I am profoundly hurt and disappointed by a nation who’s history and people have always been my inspiration since I was a child.

    • She is a remarkable woman. A national treasure of the British people, though they may never learn it.
      I pray she gets the help she needs, recognition maybe later. ‘Posthumous’ just doesn’t do it.
      There’ve been rumors of UK/So.Africa intel collaboration, though I haven’t paid much attention. Still, it might be useful to get a third government intelligence agency to poke around.

      • If you have enough pull you might get some diplomatic pressure put on South Africa but other then that I can’t think of anything.

  4. What I find amazing is the inability of African Nations to understand that when you drive the white man out you will no longer be able to feed yourself. How many nations need to go through this for the lesson to be learned?
    I understand that Cape Town is undergoing an extreme water shortage. I don’t know why but it seems pretty clear that the Black Africans cannot govern their country.

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