LIVE launch of Mars rocket from Space X to test launch Tesla roadster for some reason

I actually don’t get what this is about but its cool

It was a test launch. It was flawless and a thing of terrible beauty. Both booster rockets landed uptight on land in perfect unison like a science fiction movie. The test was stunning and a major stage before a real mission to mars.

This rocket deposited a Tesla Roadster into a particular orbit with a sort of dummy in it just as a cool advert for the car I guess.

Live cam-feed from the first car in space.

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  1. The space launch cost just dropped by at least one order of magnitude, they will have to work on the center core to get it to land in a reusable condition.

    We now have returnable reusable heavy launch capability, now if someone will revive the Delta Clipper rocket program so we have a smaller returnable resuable launch system for smaller payloads.

    Mankind has returned to space to stay, either a spinning space station like those in SF movies and books or a moon colony next then using one of them on to Mars. On to mining the asteroids and if the late Dan Alderson (a scientist that the JPL crew called their tame genius) on to the stars within a couple of decades, three at the most.

    Why couldn’t this have happened while I was young enough to go?

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