Some worthy tweets, and more on ‘The Memo’: Links 2, Feb. 1, 2018

1. Admirable woman. Possibly in Iran.

2. The Canadian Government-media complex ramps up its Marxist narrative attacks on Jordan Peterson, where his actual success is supposed to be a discrediting attribute. Notice that it was a large part of the initial salvo by Wendy Mesley in her passive-aggressive ambush of Dr. Peterson.

3. Sneaking sharia to the West by the logical fallacy of false analogy.

Making women who wear the hijab into victims of oppression by those who do not is a full moral inversion of the facts. Just check out the women’s section of Evil prison, or Saudi Arabia or any other place where Sharia is the law to be clear on that.

4. Steve King, the good one, not the evil one who tweets truly evil sh*t like this, on the memo.


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4 Replies to “Some worthy tweets, and more on ‘The Memo’: Links 2, Feb. 1, 2018”

  1. A little over a year ago I was making pie-in-the-sky predictions about how Donald Trump was going to break the world deadlock and fix the world, then he bombed the Syrian airbase and I gave up hope. But wait! Perhaps I despaired too fast. When I conjure up the mental picture of those evil Democrats pulling their long faces and sitting on their hands as President Trump gave his all for the American People in his wonderful SOTU address, I think I saw the utter destruction of the whole leftist paradigm that has been screwing things up for so long. Those scowling negative bitter Democrats need to be shown the door and everybody can now see that on full display. Trump may be unpolished, but he’s not corrupt and he doesn’t hate the United States the way those reprehensible leftist assholes so obviously do. Did you see the Black Caucus scowling over the great black unemployment figures? They were disgracefully unhappy that black unemployment was down. The Black Caucus stands in opposition to black prosperity. They are all very bad people who should be fired and forgotten…

  2. 2- John Semley, the writer of this character assassination, must be quite a bitter person. He concedes not a single inch, anywhere, for the phenomenon that is Dr. Jordan Peterson. To say he doth protest too much is an understatement. Why? Because the truth hurts and must be murdered and buried as deeply and quickly as possible lest more people discover it.

    If you read this Mr. Peterson, take heart. The attacks you suffer now are proof of your truth. Our enemy is strong but you are stonger. You tell your enemy, “Take off that silly dress you’re wearing and be a man.” He is embarrassed and resents that you’ve noticed his costume. Ultimately, by shame or by war, he will be forced to wear the pants you offer.

    • A newspaper is no longer a newspaper – too much competition – so they are emotion,-hitters, suppling an ego-fix. The Daily Mail for 60+ and the Globe and Mail for millennials.

      When you write specifically for a narrow audience, a slice of the sales pie, it is not the facts, but their mulch. Professor Peterson’s observations go over most heads and therefore each contrived angle is all their readers can understand. He hurts his listeners. The truth about personal responsibility is painful. So painful that distraction and blaming others is all most can take.

      If you want add a spinal tap into the mix, then there are Sexual newspapers feeding the New-Gendered.

      Newspaper move the Opinion column to the front pages years ago.

      The internet blog editorials, when open to all opinions, are the best. This is what many now rely on.

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