VICE News looks at the growing phenomenon of sharia law in Indonesia

Below, a video by VICE, of which I am naturally highly suspicious, on sharia law in Indonesia. At first, I remained suspicious as Allah was translated as God, and they managed to discuss sharia without mentioning Islam etc. Also seeming to make it somewhat geopolitical, making it look like sharia law was a consequence of the Tsunami on parts of the Indonesian coast some years ago, for about the first half of the video, but it was still a fairly accurate representation of a relatively moderate form of sharia, and showed it to be distasteful and against Western and liberal values.

It still failed to show the worst aspects of sharia, which nearly NO ONE GETS. And that is not what they consider a crime and how they punish you for it, but the lack of due process, and often the opposite, using a charge of thought crimes as a way of destroying someone not of the Islamic ummah and punishing them sometimes lethally despite knowing the charges are false.

But the clip gets more grounded in reality about half way through and manages to show how the ideals are indeed Islamic, and they are spreading rapidly from the former Islamic State across Indonesia, I believe to be the most populous Islamic country in the world.

This seems like the right place to add this video on Islamic views of the LGBT community in Canada:


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  1. I haven’t watched the entire video just skimmed it but it does seem that Vice (who I distrust) are starting to show that Islam is the problem, if I understood the woman at the end correctly she was saying that the fundamentalists are the norm for Islam and that the so called moderate Moslems are the extremists.

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