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  1. DAILY MAIL – She left as a bride and returned to us dead’: Parents tell of devastating loss as fiance who slit their daughter’s throat three months after she arrived from Albania is jailed for 10 years

    Arben Rexha nearly decapitated 15-year-old Elidona Demiraj in a frenzied attack
    He cut his wife’s throat because he thought she was not a virgin when they wed
    Rexha became obsessed with his wife’s virginity and whether she had abortion
    Court heard he began suffering psychotic symptoms and struggled to cope

    The parents of a woman have told of their anguish after her fiance nearly decapitated her because he did not believe she was a virgin.

    Arben Rexha, 32, almost decapitated 25-year-old Elidona Demiraj in a frenzied attack at their home in Islington, north London, on 31 January 2016.

    Ms Demiraj, who lived at home with Rexha had only come to the UK from Albania three months before her death after they were married in Albania.

    She was found by police with 27 lacerations in a crime scene described by Judge Richard Marks QC as one of ‘absolute devastation’.

    In a statement read to the court, Mrs Demiraj’s parents said: ‘We saw her off as a bride and she returned to us dead. We are distraught by our daughter’s death at his hands.

    ‘Be in no doubt that our pain is the same as the day we received the news of her death.

    ‘He isolated her for three months and didn’t let her meet people.

    ‘She was a model girl, with exemplary manners and politeness. She was respected by everyone, at school, as a student and work life, everywhere.’

    Job Centre worker Rexha had become obsessed about his wife’s her virginity and whether she had an abortion during a previous relationship, the Old Bailey heard.

    He researched online ‘how to tell if someone was a virgin’ and began suffering from psychotic symptoms, telling her he could not cope.

    The court heard Rexha had a history of possessive and abusive behaviour towards women, once hitting his ex, and accusing her of sleeping with fellow passengers on the bus and shoving his hand down her trousers ‘to check’.

    Rexha complained that Ms Demiraj was not giving him enough respect, and began to think she was poisoning him.

    He sobbed in court throughout the sentencing today, as barristers argued over his mental state at the time.

    Richard Christie QC, prosecuting, said: ‘Of course he had a catastrophic collapse, but that is after the event and at the time he was functioning well.

    Rexha’s defence, Anthony Berry QC said that he had suffered from a schizophrenic episode in the attack.

    He was initially charged with murder, but then admitted to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

    Judge Marks told him: ‘It’s clear that she was a greatly loved daughter and her family are devastated by her death.

    ‘You killed your wife at the home you shared together in Islington. It was in my view a sustained attack on a small, slightly built young woman.

    ‘It was a killing of considerable brutality. You inflicted at least 27 incision injuries to her head, neck, sides and chest.

    ‘There can be no question but that you intended to kill her. The scene that greeted officers was one of absolute devastation.

    ‘I’m of the view that it’s a trait of your personality, not your illness, that you are prone to extreme possessiveness and jealousy.

    Judge Marks gave Rexha an extended license period of five years upon his release.

    Rexha wept as he was led down from the dock to the cells.

    Describing the run up to her death, Prosecutor Richard Christie QC said: ‘She had been with him, they were married and were living together – an arranged marriage has been contemplated and that is why she came here.’

    The events that occurred took place in their home address.

    In the days leading up to her death he said the victim had been arguing with Rexha and chose to go and stay with two friends in Luton.

    But he travelled to see her and they both come home together on the 29 January.

    Describing his mental state, the prosecutor said: ‘He had not sought medical help and although he was quite capable of holding down a job, he was a job centre worker for a number of years, he did not seek help.’

    ‘He thought that she was seeing someone else and it made him a bit jealous.’

    Mr Christie added: ‘Their relationship was becoming extremely fractious at this point, he held the belief that she had betrayed him in some way – the full context of that is not absolutely clear.’

    Rexha called the emergency services after the frenzied attack before officers arrived and cautioned him on the suspicion of murder.

    When Rexha was taken for questioning he admitted that he was obsessed with the idea of her previous relationships and whether or not she had an abortion.

    ‘The issue of pregnancy was raised in interview,’ the prosecutor said. ‘He also agreed that he believed that she had been raped by another man.

    ‘He acknowledged that he kept on asking her about it.

    ‘He recalled that he became obsessed with her virginity and tried to find information on the internet about how to tell if someone was a virgin.’

    After killing his wife Rexha called the emergency services and told them that he had slashed her throat.

    Police found victim was lying on her back on her bed.

    ‘Her head was resting on a pillow and there was also a three-inch slash injury on her arm and she was partially decapitated,’ Mr Christie said.

    ‘There was various injuries that she sustained, multiple stab wounds – this is not just one wound this is something that has obviously been going on for some time.’

    Rexha, of Jessop Court, Islington, was jailed for ten years, with an extended license period of five years after admitting manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

  2. “Charlottesville Revisited: Hidden Evidence, Unreported Facts, and Lies”
    SonofNewo – Published on January 30, 2018
    The Charlottesville Car Attack was a terrible, tragic event, but it has been made immeasurably worse by the failure of the local authorities and the media to report the truth about what happened. In this video I highlight several key facts that have been ignored by the press and, perhaps, covered…
    3. That Fields’s Dodge Challenger arrived at the scene of the crime 1 minute, 15 seconds before the car attack;

    4. That prior to the car attack, Fields’s Dodge Challenger apparently stopped in the vicinity of the protesters, reversed up 4th Street, and only then accelerated towards the crowd;
    – Show More

  3. Maryland Plans to Sue Trump over Tax Reform

    Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh revealed on Thursday that he plans to sue President Donald Trump over the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    Frosh plans to join officials from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to sue the federal government over the tax bill’s reduction on the state and local tax deduction (SALT). The state officials believe that the cap on the SALT deduction is unconstitutional.

    Frosh, a Democrat, said in a press release, “By eliminating the SALT deductions, Trump’s tax bill will jack up taxes for more than half a million Marylanders,” Frosh, a Democrat, said in a news release. “It is an attack on state sovereignty and an attempt to cripple our ability to educate our kids, protect the Chesapeake Bay, and build the infrastructure that Maryland needs to be competitive in the world economy.”

    Analysts believe that the legal challenge to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will likely fail, pundits argue that the federal government has broad authority taxes on income.

  4. Who Really Created the Trump Dossier?
    Was it really a British intel agent or a Clinton political operative?

    In the very early nineties, the Democrats were as obsessed with cocaine as they are now are with Russia. The cocaine in question was alleged to have been bought by Vice President Dan Quayle. The 1992 election was coming up. The decades of corruption, slime and lies by the Clintons were about to pay off.

    But that’s not how it looked then.

    President George H.W. Bush was enjoying high approval ratings. Bill Clinton would weasel and claw his way to the front of the line largely because the election seemed like a lot cause for the Democrats.

    But the Clintons still had plenty of dirty tricks left to play. The Quayle cocaine story was one of them. Like most discredited Democrat smears, it was forgotten once it was no longer needed. It’s hard now to understand how so many reporters and politicians could be sucked in by a ridiculous smear campaign.

    One of the Quayle accusers had confessed to lying both to prison officials and to 60 Minutes.

    “This guy not only flunked the lie detector test, but he broke down and cried in front of Morley Safer and said that he had made it up because he wanted to get out of jail,” Don Hewitt, the executive producer of 60 Minutes, recollected.

  5. The New York Times’ Fact-Check Fail
    The NYT’s “fact-checking” article on Trump’s SOTU address deserves special ridicule.
    February 2, 2018
    Matthew Vadum

    Conservatives already knew reporters at the New York Times were a joke, but their fact-checking article on President Trump’s first State of the Union address deserves to be held up to special ridicule.

    The spectacle of a State of the Union address – especially a wildly successful one that seems to be boosting the standing of the one who delivered it – gave the Times the opportunity to conveniently deny Trump credit for his accomplishments all in one place, instead of spreading the niggardly naysaying out over days of articles.

    Whether Trump, or any sitting president for that matter, deserves credit for an event happening in the country on his watch is one thing – maybe the practice is valid in some areas but not others – but the tradition in this country has been to give the president credit for good things that happen during his term in office (and conversely, to blame him when things go wrong on his watch). The buck, as President Truman said, stops there.

    The leftist worldview is especially susceptible to president-as-heroic-figure thinking, given its exaltation of the power of government, and journalists are overwhelmingly left-wingers, which makes understanding the newspaper’s unintentionally comical “2018 State of the Union fact-check” feature easier.

  6. DACA Solution Must Heed 9/11 Commission Findings
    National security concerns should take center stage in immigration reform.
    February 2, 2018
    Michael Cutler

    On January 30th President Trump delivered his much anticipated and highly inspirational State of the Union Address. One of the subjects of his address was a proposal for reforming the immigration system that rests upon “four pillars.” One of those pillars seeks to resolve the DACA dilemma by providing lawful status and a pathway to U.S. citizenship for approximately 1.8 million illegal aliens, which includes 700,000 DACA recipients plus additional DACA-eligible individuals who, for unknown reasons, did not apply while the program was in effect.

    In exchange for this compromise, the White House is requesting the creation of a $25 billion trust fund for border technology and infrastructure with additional funding for personnel increases. Additionally, the administration wants an end to so-called “chain migration” limiting family-based visas to spouses and minor children. The administration also wants to terminate the diversity visa lottery, although visas would be used to clear the backlog of aliens who are already waiting for family-based immigrant visas and for immigrant visas for aliens possessing high-skills.

    This solution may be well-intentioned, but ignores the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, to which I provided testimony. But before we even consider the 9/11 Commission, there are a number of other critical reasons why this proposal is untenable.

  7. BBC – Ofsted: Hijab ban “not Islamophobic”

    Should Muslim schoolgirls under the age of eight wear the hijab or religious headscarfs?

    Ofsted – which inspects schools in England – has supported the headteacher of a predominantly Muslim state primary in London who wanted a ban.

    In a speech at a Church of England conference, Amanda Spielman – Ofsted’s Chief Inspector – said that schools had to pursue “muscular liberalism,” in response to “those who want to actively pervert the purpose of education”.

    Kirsty Wark discusses these issues with Amanda Spielman and with Sajid Gulzar, CEO and executive head of the Prince Albert Community Trust and Gita Sahgal, founder of the Centre for Secular Space.

    • RT – BBC savaged for Tommy Robinson interview following Finsbury Park terrorist conviction

      The BBC has been lambasted for its decision to interview far-right activist, Tommy Robinson, on the day that Darren Osborne was found guilty of murder after running down Muslim worshipers in the Finsbury Park terror attack.

      The broadcaster was criticized on social media by various prominent figures over its “poor judgement” for interviewing Robinson on their flagship Newsnight program.

      The show aired on the same day that Osborne, 48, was found guilty of killing one person and injuring 12 others when he ploughed his van into a crowd outside a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London.

      The jury had been told that Osborne wanted to kill as many Muslims possible when he carried out his premeditated attack in June 2017.

      During the trial, Osborne’s partner, Sarah Andrews, told the court that he had become “brainwashed” after bingeing on social media posts by far-right extremists, including those by Robinson and Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen.

      Robinson is now suing the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over what he says is an “incorrect claim” that there was “direct social media contact” between himself and Osborne.

      Following the interview, in which Robinson sparred with presenter Kirsty Wark, many took to Twitter to voice their objections. Guardian contributors Dawn Foster and Suzanne Moore attacked the decision, respectively.

      The broadcaster has also faced censure after Dean Haydon, head of Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism command, said its drama ‘Three Girls,’ based on the stories of victims of the Rochdale sex-abuse scandal, was the “first trigger” for Osborne’s hatred of the Muslim community.

      In his BBC interview Robinson referred to Haydon’s claim after being challenged, by Wark, on his own perceived influence on Osborne.

      The show, along with the online material, contributed to Osborne’s developing of a “warped and twisted view to such a degree that he was prepared to plan and carry out this attack,” according to Haydon.

      Referring to the online material of high-profile far-right extremists, Haydon said, according to the Birmingham Mail: “He [Osborne] became obsessed then with that type of material and what we think is that then sent him into a further spiral of wishing to do an attack.”

      Following the cases’ conclusion, media culture in the UK, in general, came under fire with LBC radio presenter James O’Brien stating that “The household name hate preachers responsible for both tragedies will be back on telly soon.”

      Senior Editor at Novara Media Ash Sarkar hit out at “the editors of every single right wing rag” for “nourishing” extremism.

      In turn, her colleague Aaron Bastani posted a picture of a Dan Hodges article published in the Mail on Sunday, writing underneath “This was an incitement to terrorism.”

      Osborne will be sentenced on Friday at Woolwich Crown Court and faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.


      KirstyWark questions @TRobinsonNewEra about his tweets following the conviction of Finsbury Park killer Darren Osborne

      ( 4 min 31 )

  8. Trump: Stop Aid to Countries Refusing Deportees

    President Donald Trump is threatening to cut off aid and slap sanctions on countries that refuse to accept nationals the U.S. tries to deport and countries producing illegal drugs.

    He says stopping aid will persuade the countries to give in.

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