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6 Replies to “Apostate of Islam in Germany warns leftist politicians what is to come from Islam”

  1. He is right, civil war is coming. A war of such magnitude and savagery that most people are incapable of imagining what is coming. The left is close to succeeding in their destruction of Western Civilization what we have to concentrate on now is preserving freedom. Civilization can be rebuilt but once we lose freedom it will take Centuries to regain it.

    • The coming war will start as a citizen revulsion vs the state and they are well prepared for this and they will call in the armed forces. The problem here is
      that the rank and file feel as do we and they too may revolt. As we are disarmed that may well be our only chance as to do nothing is to acquiesce. If islam wins we will see a Dark Age far worse and far more barbaric than any before. Ore and oil deposits are no longer readily available to tap as needed. Digitalization of books means that once there is no power there will be no books. The western expertise used in productive farming will go west and billions will starve as additive companies(fertilizers etc.) and producers of non fertile seeds(standard in many western crops so you must buy seeds every season)will fail and the day of the super grain will be back to bite us (they leach rare minerals etc. out of the soil far more quickly than do normal seeds) as even normal seeds fail to grow.
      There will be NO monasteries in which to hide books/knowledge. No art treasures (all destroyed by islam), no music (travel in Saudi A and listen to the screeching that they call “music”, and we will be back to 50K BC at the BEST.
      Frankly I feel that those responsible should be tried and shot now, not later as it may well be too late. Not PC but what I see coming far too quickly towards us.

  2. Rant on/

    Long, long-term, Au lurker, living in EU now. “Red-pilled” on 9/11 after accidentally watching that totally preventable abomination live on satellite from the first US report. Self-educated afterwards, same personal experiences and reluctant conclusions as most of you. Kudos to you, Eeyore. Greetings to Richard, NorseRadish, Yucki, PC, johnyu, Egri Nok, Ava Lon, and other Righteous. This site has always been my first go-to for info.

    For what it is worth, in my opinion this particular video on Hamburg is very powerful. There has been a lot of good vids out over the years, but this seems very recent. It’s also close to Heimat.

    If people/politicians actually watch it with an open and honest mind and can see past the man’s Christianity, it may be another of the steady drips that help to educate them, and expose reality. It would be good if we could spread it virally outside of our own personal network to those who do not understand the gravity of the situation. It needs to be seen in non-muslim countries, so thank you for publicising it on VTB! An informed citizenry will mobilise and demand their relevant ‘oxygen thieves’ (sorry, “politicians”) radically and peacefully change their local situation, and their projected future.

    Obviously, in the best of all worlds, that would/should be the sane solution. This should be a law and order, civil defence matter, and could be solved easily in a peaceful manner if our elected representatives had the spine and the balls to cooperate and do the honest and right thing by their native populations and their ancestors. If they weren’t traitors, or weak, or bought, or blind…

    Otherwise, it may well be “public service” again for me, and the same for many others. By then, real “public service” in defence of Western Civilisation, Christianity, our societies, and our families and our children (our future) will be a long overdue pleasure, not a duty. But it should be totally unnecessary in the first place.

    If/when it’s time to ‘see the elephant’, I believe most native Europeans and their civilised allies will suddenly wake up and fight ‘like there is no tomorrow’. They will not ‘go away quietly in the night’. Their warrior gene is masked by a belief in ‘Good’ and civility, and the rule of law. Many are now awake, but polite, or unsure. Many others live in Facebook’s tunnel vision reality and subconsciously don’t want to confront this true nightmare. They have absolutely no idea how lucky some of us are to not glow in the dark because HRC ain’t the Chief. The ‘tin foil’ stuff we’ve been saying to family and friends for years is being confirmed. I think the truth about the Manchurian Hussein will soon be exposed. So evil. Some of the sleepwalking malaise in the world comes from the general financial situation, politicians, and captured national broadcasters. But ultimately, individuals must take personal responsibility for their own lives and future, or the societal script their ‘betters’ are currently writing them into will not be to their liking. The entire recorded knowledge of humanity is now easily accessible and check-able, yet FarmVille reigns supreme. You have to want to know the truth, and most don’t.

    I think many rank-and-file adult male musloids are too far to the left of the Bell Curve to realise that if they are lucky, at a minimum they are booked for future mass deportations to a quarantined muslim s-hole of their choice. They think that it is time to start open jihad for the Caliphate, like the AQ Plan said. The honest ones will even tell you that to your face. These ‘submitted’ are willing Chess pawns, ‘useful idiots’ for islam and the marxists. The slaves of islam must be encouraged and supported to apostatise for Christianity (or anything else) if they want to that is the humane thing to do.
    Ultimately, islam has set a course for itself to be eradicated. The ‘religion’ deserves to be eradicated, and the enslaved within it emancipated. They tell us that it cannot be reformed, and I believe them.

    Reminds me of one of those old jokes that ring true to every sane person who hears it;

    Gene Roddenberry, the creator of ‘Star Trek’, is at a Science Fiction fan convention taking questions from the audience.
    An aggrieved musloid with a Mohammed beard and crazy eyes (I repeat myself) gets his turn at the microphone.
    “You have a Chinese man, and a Scotsman, and a black woman serving on the command deck of the USS Enterprise. Why are there no muslim crew members in Star Trek?”, he asks angrily.
    The entire audience quizzically looks to the muslim man, then to Roddenberry, then back to the muslim.
    Roddenberry looks at his feet, sighs, clears his throat, and answers;
    “Umm, because Star Trek is set in the future”.

    /Rant off

  3. Thank you.
    Merkel will fall this year no doubt about it;After hat this will change drastically in Germany.
    I can almost promise you.

  4. That one sincere warning from an ex-Muslim should be enough to act as a warning to us all, but his warning will never be broadcast and no one but us will hear it. Trudeau would dismiss the guy as a “racist” and that would be the end of it.

    But you never know. The geniuses who run our world might actually figure out one day that the way to fight Islamic terrorism is to identify, isolate, and zap the individual Imams right where they live – on Arab TV, in Mecca, and at the Alazhar University in Cairo. Hell, they should have sent a cruise missile through the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s dining room window right around dinner time the moment he put a hit on a British citizen. They need to tell the radical Imams that we know who you are and we are listening to the evil garbage you spread, and you will be held responsible for your actions. Just watch how fast the cowards change their tune when it’s their own asses that are on the line, not some illiterate goat-herder with a suicide vest, the promise of 72 virgins, and a thousand bucks for his grieving Mother…

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