Train Vs. Garbage truck, Swedish girl hit with bottle for rejecting sexual assault at bar: Links 1, Jan. 31, 2018

1. Podesta podesta, why does that name seem so familiar?

2. BREAKING: Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Slams Into Truck — Emergency Response On Scene.

An Amtrak train carrying several members of Congress was involved in an accident with a large truck Wednesday just before noon eastern time.

According to The Atlantic’s Elaine Plott, the train was taking the congressmen from Union Station in Washington, D.C. to a Republican retreat in Greenbrier, West Virginia.

Photo of front of train.

(if it was jihad it was the jihad against the laws of physics)

A teenager has told how a man smashed a bottle over her head in a nightclub in Malmo, Sweden, after he sexually assaulted her and she pushed him away.

Sophie Johansson, 19, told Swedish media that she had never met the man before, and that she suddenly felt his hands on her bottom and between her legs on the dancefloor.


She says she hit him in order to get him to stop, to which he responded by punching her in the face and then hitting her with a glass bottle.

(Serves her right for being Islamophobic. Right leftists? You know what Im talking about. Right?)

4. Ezra on Trudeau’s feelings about Canada and Canadians.

For those who missed this yesterday:

5. Former DNC Official Partnered With Convicted Bomb Maker To Investigate Trump

 A former official with the Democratic National Committee has worked in recent months with a convicted domestic terrorist-turned-activist known as the “Speedway Bomber” to gather information on Donald Trump, The Daily Caller has learned.

That work culminated in a Washington, D.C. meeting in December between the ex-DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa, the convicted bomber, Brett Kimberlin, and a South Africa-born Israeli man named Yoni Ariel.

Ariel, whose real name is Jonathan Schwartz, traveled to Washington, D.C. to brief Chalupa and Kimberlin on his knowledge of Russia’s activities during the campaign.

Chalupa, an activist of Ukrainian heritage who is strongly opposed to Trump, also directed Ariel to the Justice Department, sources told TheDC.

6. An essay probably should be written about this one. Its basically a “Hey Martha!” story, but the kind dream headlines are made of. IMO there will always be psychopaths and people attracted to this kind of thing but its hard to see if it has any real meaning at all. If people are looking for the religion of Satan as the God of evil, look no farther than Islam.

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, EB., Charles, Kel Fritzy, M., Wrath of Khan and MANY MORE! The Reader’s Links post are a river of knowledge this year so far.

Here is a link to last night’s Blog Talk radio program where Kel Fritzy, the host, asks me to join her for a bit of a chat about the issues this site concerns itself with, on the last Tuesday of every month. We had a caller who kept the show fast and interesting right to the end.

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8 Replies to “Train Vs. Garbage truck, Swedish girl hit with bottle for rejecting sexual assault at bar: Links 1, Jan. 31, 2018”

  1. Marshall, along with another doctor-lawmaker, Tennessee Rep. Phil Roe, went on to perform CPR on the driver of the garbage truck, Marshall’s office said.

    According to officials, at least one person in the truck died in the accident that took place in Crozet, Virginia, near Charlottesville. Others in the truck were airlifted from the chaotic scene.

    In the aftermath of the wreck, a number of lawmakers, including those who practiced medicine before politics, were seen caring for those with injuries. For some, it evoked memories of last June’s GOP congressional baseball-field shooting, when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others were shot during a morning practice.

    As Scalise lay gravely injured on the field, Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who had experience as a combat surgeon, and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake were among those who rushed to his side to apply pressure on his wound.

  2. 3. Poor woman.
    No one deserves that, especially a woman.
    A hanging offence.
    He should have been shown the error of his ways, and taught some manners by being beaten to an inch of his life by some concerned citizens. That or a slap on the wrist by a social worker.
    What else can you say?

    Just happened to occur at a nightclub in Malmo called ‘Babel’.

    What was the moral of that “old wive’s tale” that nobody cool believes?

    It sounds like a Biblical disaster in waiting.

    • Nightclubs must be disappearing fast from places like Malmo. That and bars, museums, art galleries, concert halls, dance halls …. Islam, the bane of culture.

    • She’s an idiot.
      Hanging out alone in a bar in Malmö – one named to celebrate doomed evil, no less – is stupid. The Biblical reference was no doubt as foreign to her as what the Koran has to say about female kafirs.
      She won’t learn, she won’t even serve as an example of what NOT to do. The supremely arrogant degenerates, Darwin-ed out. A whole set of stupid genes kaput.

  3. The train v Garbage truck was probably an ordinary accident, and the train wasn’t going very fast or the truck would have been destroyed.

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