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2 Replies to “A quick peek at Obama admin, illegal interference in foreign governments”

  1. The Dems have always thought they have a duty to interfere in other nations, they also have always ignored the Russians trying to interfere in our elections. The only time they object to either is when it is the Republicans who are interfering in other nations or the Republicans who will benefit from the Russian interference.

  2. I once cornered Assange and congratulated him on his actions and then asked when we could expect revelations from NK, Russia, China, Iran etc., (where they kill you for doing such) and he looked as though he suddenly realized his fly was open, hurried away and never replied. So I have been an opponent for some time due to this selectivity. However, his role lately has been more even handed and even though he is still unwilling to “stick his neck out” I at least feel some support for him is now due. So a small “well done!”

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