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    • That excerpt is quite relevant WRT the invasion that is now occurring in the west. BUT!!The fall of western Rome has been lied about for centuries: The barbarians did weaken Rome by undermining central control and intertribal hostility so that the regions were not that cooperative. In addition the barbarians rapidly became Romanized and to a degree, Christianised both of which undermined the classic aggressive violence which won them their states. BUT it was islam that destroyed western Rome NOT the barbarians. Rome was a maritime trading economy but by 700AD the Mediterranean was an Islamic sea and all coastal ports/villages had been attacked and often denuded of crops and people by then in razzias. The coastline from France to the Aegean was not protected and millions died of starvation including those in Italy as not only were there no ports from which to obtain food(Egypt had always been Rome’s granary) but few ships left to even try. I feel that the impact of islam here has been totally IGNORED (and “yes” by Gibbon). Just think about it.

  1. Don’t know how relevant, but something weird is happening when the guys investigating why an airplane landed in the wrong place are not allowed to hear the cockpit recordings:

    A top Federal Aviation Administration official has forbidden inspectors who are trying to determine why a Horizon Air commercial jet mistakenly landed on a Pullman, Washington, airport taxiway from reviewing “critical” evidence: recorded cockpit conversations between that flight’s pilots, a federal official familiar with the investigation said.

    The directive came straight from John Duncan, FAA’s head of flight standards who is in charge of the agency’s flight inspectors across the country, said the source, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the probe. Despite the cockpit voice recorder being quarantined by Horizon Air, inspectors investigating the incident have been prevented from listening to the audio of the pilot discussions.

  2. Calais migrant numbers swell to near-Jungle levels after Macron demands UK accepts more (express, Jan 27, 2018)

    “HUNDREDS of desperate migrants have poured into Calais after Theresa May promised to fast-track the asylum claims of people trying to reach Britain.

    The influx has led to increased tensions in the sparse woods where the migrants sleep and sparked fears that a new shanty town like the notorious Jungle could spring up.

    About 100 migrants clashed with police at a food distribution point close to the ferry port on Thursday night when the migrants threw stones at the officers who responded with tear gas.

    Charities said there had been 200 new arrivals since Mrs May announced the accelerated procedure after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this month.

    There are now thought to be between 800 and 900 migrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and elsewhere in Calais.

    The French interior ministry said about 100, mainly children, had arrived in the town since Mrs May’s pledge.

    Downing Street denied the Sandhurst Treaty, drawn up after intense lobbying by Mr Macron for Britain to take more migrants, would encourage more people to try to reach the UK.

    The treaty says adult asylum-seekers wanting to cross the Channel to join family in the UK will have their claims processed in a month, compared with up to six months at present. The period for children will be 25 days.

    Mrs May also promised an extra £44 million to reinforce border security.

    A spokesman for the Pas-de-Calais prefecture said the extra migrants had come to Calais from other French cities, where many sleep in shelters or on pavements…”

  3. Familiennachzug Syrer darf Zweitfrau nach Deutschland holen

    Kreis Pinneberg –

    Diese Entscheidung sorgt für Wirbel: Im Kreis Pinneberg gibt es zwei bestätigte Fälle, in denen geflüchtete Syrer ihre Zweitfrauen nach Deutschland holen durften. Die Kreisverwaltung, die ihren Sitz in Elmshorn hat, sieht sich nun Anschuldigungen der geförderten Bigamie ausgesetzt.

    „Dies ist aber keine pauschale Regelung, sondern immer eine sorgfältige Einzelfallprüfung“, verteidigte Oliver Carstens, Sprecher des Kreises Pinneberg, gegenüber dem „Hamburger Abendblatt“ die Entscheidung.

    Ein Syrer, der gemeinsam mit seinen vier Kindern und seiner Frau im Jahr 2015 nach Deutschland geflüchtet war, hatte den Antrag gestellt, seine zweite Frau nach Deutschland holen zu dürfen. Der Grund: Seine vier Kinder sollten mit ihrer leiblichen Mutter aufwachsen, die sich allerdings noch in Syrien befand. In diesem und noch einem weiteren Fall wurde der Nachzug erlaubt, wie Carstens bestätigte.

    „Wir fördern keine Bigamie”
    Während Bigamie in Deutschland unter Strafe steht, sieht die gesetzliche Regelung in Syrien anders aus. Dort dürfen Männer mit vier Frauen gleichzeitig verheiratet sein. Die Rechtmäßigkeit einer Ehe richtet sich an das Land, in dem sie geschlossen wurde. In diesen Fällen war also das syrische Eherecht entscheidend.

    Carstens: „Im Kreis Pinneberg werden bigamische Ehen nicht gefördert. Es liegt aber außerhalb unserer rechtlichen Möglichkeiten, auf Eherechte anderer Staaten einzuwirken. Aber es geht bei Familienzusammenführungen auch überhaupt nicht um Bigamie bzw. darum, mehrere Ehefrauen nach Deutschland zu holen, sondern es geht primär um das Wohl der Kinder.”

    Wie läuft das Prozedere ab?
    Wer in Deutschland als anerkannter Flüchtling Familienmitglieder nachholen möchte, muss bei der deutschen Botschaft des Landes, in dem sich die Familie aufhält, einen „Visumsantrag zur Familienzusammenführung“ stellen. Dann prüft diese bei der Ausländerbehörde des Kreises, in welchem der Flüchtling lebt, ob alle Angaben stimmen. Anschließend wird über den Antrag entschieden.

  4. Italy: 800 migrants rescued, 2 bodies found in Mediterranean (abcnews, Jan 27, 2018)

    “The Italian coast guard says it has helped coordinate the rescue of some 800 migrants on the Mediterranean Sea.

    The coast guard said they were spotted in five boats, including two rubber dinghies, on Saturday.

    It said seven children who had water in their lungs were taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital that could treat them, located in Sfax, Tunisia. The coast guard also said two bodies were recovered.

    Hundreds of thousands of migrants have been rescued at sea in recent years and taken to ports in southern Italy. Some are seeking refuge from armed conflicts, while many others, particularly from sub-Saharan Africa, are economic migrants likely to be found ineligible for asylum in Europe.

    Human traffickers launch overcrowded, unseaworthy boats from Libya and other countries with Mediterranean coastlines.”

  5. Turkey: Kurdish forces ‘will pay the price’ warns Erdogan

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “those who are creating trouble along our borders, who are betraying this country, they will pay the price,” during a speech in Kocaeli, Saturday.

    “The PKK, PYD, YPG they will all pay. FETO will also pay. This is a fight of determination,” he stated.

      • There’s something disturbing about the Kurds who are demonstrating. Too many PKK flags flying – doesn’t make sense. (Gold, 5-pointed-star on red field).

        The PKK is the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, communists that Sultan Erdo CLAIMS to be fighting. They DO have a history of terrorist activities, have in the past been recognized as a terrorist org by the U.S. and NATO.

        But the vast majority of Kurds in Syria and northern Iraq – the people we support – are YPG. They wave the multicolor flag.

        Is the PKK so vastly over-represented among the German Kurds? Flat-out commies, even if they’ve “renounced terrorism”, don’t look good. Could some of those PKK flags have enemy TURKS at the other end? Though they seem to be comfortable, surrounded as they are by YPG…

        Just for background: The YPG are led by the Barzani clan. They play nice, and till recently have had legitimate representation within the Turkish parliament. They’re our best friends in the region outside of Israel.

        The other major Kurdish grouping is within and adjacent to Iran, the KDP/PUK. Led by the Talabani clan, they protested the September referendum for an independent Kurdistan.

        They seem to have reached some sort of accommodation with the current Iraqi government. Which seems to be turning into another satellite of the Twisted Ones. And it looks like they’ve already been betrayed, aren’t getting what they were promised in exchange for turning against the Barzani initiative.

        The Kurds are diverse and complicated tribal peoples. It’s very hard to know what’s going on.

        • I was reading about Turk-Trot before the war in Iraq.

          He used to amass troops and tanks at the Iraqi border at regular intervals. There’d saturation TV coverage of politicians making bellicose noises, constituents would shout slogans and wave flags.

          Then everybody would go home, feeling kinda warm and lovey.

    • Turkey says U.S. needs to withdraw from Syria’s Manbij region immediately

      ANKARA (Reuters) – The United States needs to withdraw from northern Syria’s Manbij region immediately, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday.

      President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said Turkish forces would sweep Kurdish fighters from the Syrian border and could push all the way east to the frontier with Iraq, including Manbij – a move which risks a possible confrontation with U.S. forces allied to the Kurds.

      Speaking to reporters, Cavusoglu also said Turkey wanted to see concrete steps by the United States to end its support for the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia.

      Ankara said earlier it had been told by U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster that Washington would not provide the YPG with weapons anymore.

      • Given the current level of active duty military personal, the level of working equipment and the world situation We may have to pull out of that region.

      • Turkey: Cavusoglu calls on US to withdraw from Manbij in Syria

        Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that the “US should tear its ties with terror organisations” and called on US forces to pull out of Manbij “immediately,” in a series of statements given in Antalya on Saturday.

    • US oposes Nord Stream 2 as Russia could steal it as a tool –

      The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has said today Washington opposes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, over fears it will increase European energy dependence on Russia.

  6. BREITBART – German Children’s Television Channel Features Migrant Teens Learning How to Remove a Girl’s Bra

    German children’s television channel Kika posted a short video on its website, using teens from migrant backgrounds, to show its underage viewers how to remove a woman’s bra.

    The online post, entitled “Open Bra”, has been taken down by the children’s television channel after they received a backlash from many, including Germany’s largest women’s rights organisation Terre des Femmes, Berliner Zeitung reports.

    Head of Terre des Femmes Inge Bell said she was horrified by the video which lasted just over one and a half minutes. “This is a completely wrong signal to the Kika target group of three- to 13-year-old children,” she said, and added that it encouraged bad behaviour in boys.

    Bell also made note of the fact that the boys involved in the video all came from migrant backgrounds, saying: “This selection has a signal effect, according to the video: migrant boys need special tutoring lessons in bra opening. Especially in times of the #MeToo debate, such an instrumentalisation of migrant boys in the media should be a no-go.”[…]

  7. This will come as something of a surprise to Americans, who generally think of Mississippi being so poor as to be almost third world in the extent of its deprivation. It’ll also come as something of a surprise to most visitors to Britain, who generally see London as being representative. It isn’t, London itself is the richest area of The European Union. There are other areas of Britain that are counted among the poorest. Britain is, really (and I say this as a native of the place) a truly world class and world wealthy city surrounded by an entirely unremarkable European country. And now for the surprise: Britain is poorer than Mississippi.

    Mark Perry has a nice little calculation of how rich (“rich” here being measured by GDP) the various US states are and then comparing them to various European countries. And the results might surprise some. Germany is around and about Missouri, 38 on the list of states. The UK is just below West Virginia, number 47.

      • I noticed that, we have a large German area around Herman Missouri (google it) with a bunch of good wineries there. Pity my meds say I can’t drink any of them anymore.

      • Fly-over – über alles.

        Don’t laugh too hard, since we don’t charge state income tax on Federal Pensions (if we did charge income tax on Fed pensions we would have to charge in on state pensions) we get a lot of military people retiring to Missouri. One family in my home town has kids all over the nation, the wife/mother says they have firm orders to have bug out bags packed and be ready to E & E out to run to Mom and Dad when it hits the fan.

      • • The first part is nostalgia – they haven’t held those cities for months.
        • Then a few deranged adults and half-wit kids blow themselves up in urban areas. One is maybe Baghdad.
        • Now they’re reduced to small bases in the middle of the desert, subject to airstrikes that produce winsome shaheeds.
        • Finally, they’re bragging about their drones. Wonder who’s providing them? The drones manage some pinpoint strikes, hard to tell whether they amount to much.

  8. Recently uncovered court documents related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s time as FBI Director show his lack of anything resembling credibility. The man who is responsible for investigating allegations of Trump/Russia collusion was involved in releasing deceptive statements that helped cover up a Saudi family’s involvement in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that shocked America and helped launch the modern surveillance state.

    Mueller led the FBI from September 4, 2001 to September 4, 2013. One week after Mueller assumed his new job, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airliners, using three of them to destroy the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and severely damage the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day and more than another 6,000 were injured, many of them later dying from their injuries.

    Fifteen of the 9/11 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

  9. These schools where we do not speak French anymore

    It was a late autumn day. Helen, an experienced teacher, accompanied some students from the neighboring city home. “I still see it,” she says. I was standing at the corner of this building when I heard people call me: “Madam mistress, mistress.” I turned around and saw two little veiled girls. I had to make an effort to recognize them. They were two of my students. I asked them why they were veiled since they never were when they arrived at school. They told me they would attend their Arabic class. ”
    The scene took place in a city in a small town north of Paris. We arrive there by train. As soon as you get out of the station, you can see the closed stores, the blinds lowered and the impression that the activity that still exists has changed: fast-food brands, houses for sale, telephony shops, mini-markets range, exotic hairdressers … In the street, we meet groups of young people, Maghreb or Turkish, many Africans too, and veiled girls. This city, among the poorest in France, has a city that has long made the headlines before being the subject of a rehabilitation program that, if it changed the form, has nothing settled on the merits. It is in the schools of this city that Helen teaches.
    In my class, there is” In my class, there is no newcomer, but the origins are for an African third, a Turkish third and a Maghreb third, “she says. I have some Picards, often from very disadvantaged families, “social cases”, as they say themselves, and also some children of “travelers” who have settled down. For religion, it’s 90% Muslim. As a teacher, what worries me the most is that these children, who are all French, are less able to understand our language. And to describe a playground split into several groups, defined no longer by the ancient separation between football, hopscotch or rubber band, but by the spoken language: Turkish, Arabic or Soninke. French has almost disappeared. Parents of students, very involved, have also recently expressed the wish that the report of the class council, which is addressed to them, is now written in three languages.
    The consequences on the school level are dramatic. “I spend hours teaching them how to read,” says the teacher. They are on average two years late. And we should open slots for foreign language teaching? Are they aware in the ministry that here is French as a foreign language? Relations with parents are considerably complicated. “Before, there was always a big sister or a neighbor to explain to the mother what was the problem with the child. Today, we do not even have that anymore. We are not going to ask National Education to pay translators, as in the courts? For Hélène, today at the end of her career, it is the arrival of the parables that has changed everything. Families, watching TV stations in their home country, almost never hear our language speak. “I say to parents: at least put cartoons in French,” laments the teacher.

    The city, where night falls gently, is rather clean, with the exception of a few buildings that have not been redone and are slowly disintegrating. The trained eye, however, observes some suspicious gatherings, some hostile looks that weigh on an unknown vehicle, shops, which were not “lawful”, recently vandalized, and even a car in the Marauding Bazaar, fires extinguished. Helen points to the building where the scene that marked so much has occurred. The two little ones were there, busy grilling maize on a makeshift barbecue. “They are like home,” says the teacher. In the building itself, the apartments are open, they communicate. It is the African village. We have some polygamous families. When fathers are in the country, mothers help each other. They do not pose problems, by the way. They work, men too, and all respect school and teachers. ”
    The “Quran lessons” mentioned at the end of the day, two hours a day, five times a week, as a complementary school. The structure does not exist – it is an old garage, a private apartment, the back room of a restaurant. Nothing official, but precisely this clandestinity renders the public authorities powerless. “They may well announce the closure of a” Koranic school “, it opens another hundred meters later eight days later,” said Helen. To hear it, it is inexorable, in any case here, in a region that saw the birth of the Capetian dynasty.

    The problem is not so much that Muslim children learn the Quran, but that this learning, considered a priority by the parents, prevents already weak students, in whom the French is not mastered, to do their homework at night, or to study and acquire the tools necessary for their future integration. Instead, they immerse themselves in a material that is not one of the basic elements of French citizenship, far from it. “Take the girls,” Helen insists. Families have no desire to see them educate themselves. They will not master French, will never drive, will remain subordinate – we see it well with moms, whose signature has no value … “And the teacher to discuss the case of a Pakistani family of which three of the five girls followed an identical path. “At the age of 15, they leave for a very long” holiday “in the country where their father, who is not poor, runs a textile business. They come back pregnant and we learn that they are married or that they will be. They could not do anything and neither did we. In opposition to the “no waves” that often takes the place of slogans, an educational and social team tried to intervene. The case could be brought to the attention of the court, which ordered an investigation. “It’s terrible to say, but it gives an impression of slow conquest,” concludes Helen approaching the station. A conquest that passes through the belly of these girls. ”
    (google translate)

  10. CBC – #RememberJan29 movement wants Canadians talking about mosque shooting and Islamophobia

    Hateful emails opposing motion prove the need for a day to address the problem, Neethan Shan says

    […]A Toronto city councillor who is asking the city to proclaim Jan. 29 as a day of remembrance and action on Islamophobia says his office has been getting hate emails about the proposal, but even some who support the idea wonder if it will catch on.

    […]The city of Markham is the first GTA municipality, and one of the first in the country, to proclaim the day, along with London, Ont.

    […]”There is hatred displayed in many of the emails we get,” he said. “You know there will be a long email that is filled with Islamophobic rhetoric and then it will end with a statement that there is no Islamophobia.”

    […]”These emails and the hate that is pushed towards this motion re-inforces the need for why we need a day of action on Islamophobia,” he said.

    That doesn’t surprise Aisha Ahmad, an assistant professor in the University of Toronto’s department of political science.

    “In our society it’s become more socially acceptable to target and discriminate against Muslims than any other group,” said Ahmad, who is director of the Islam and Politics Initiative and a senior researcher at the Global Justice Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

    “The statistical data clearly shows that Canadian do have an Islamophobia problem,” she said. “There is a disparity between how Canadians feel about non-Muslim immigrant groups and Muslims and it’s clear there are far higher negative responses about Muslims.”

  11. DAILY MAIL – German town will vote on banning new refugee arrivals for two years as mayor says: ‘We need a break’

    Freiberg council is planning to vote on whether or not to temporarily ban arrivals
    Its mayor, Sven Kruger, said: ‘We need a break in order to deal with acute needs’
    In New Year, he said there were 2,000 refugees in town – 5 per cent of population
    There is already a shortfall of 300 kindergarten places and 12 full school classes

    A town in Germany is considering halting the arrival of refugees amid worries it can no longer provide enough school places.

    Freiberg council is planning to vote on whether or not to ban asylum seekers from coming to the picturesque Saxon university town until December 2019.

    Its mayor, Sven Kruger, said: ‘We need a break in order to deal with acute needs.’

    […]The mayor said some of the schools in his town have an average of 30 per cent of pupils who do not speak German as a first language.

    At some schools, 43 per cent of pupils speak German as their second language, he added.

    • Town deliberates stopping refugee arrivals, citing lack of school spots

      On February 1st, the city council in Freiberg, Saxony, plans to vote on whether or not to ban refugees from moving to the town for the next two years. The city says it can’t fulfil it’s educational duties to any more children.

      “We don’t want to endanger the work done thus far on successful integration,” said mayor of Freiberg, Sven Krüger, a member of the Social Democrats.

      “We need a break in order to deal with acute needs,” Krüger added.

      A migration ban is possible “in order to avoid social and societal exclusion,” stated the interior ministry in Saxony, adding that this only refers to recognized refugees.

      The town, known for its university and mining, believes it is reaching its capacity in terms of refugee integration; on February 1st, the city council will vote on whether or not to issue a moratorium on new refugee arrivals until the end of December 2019.

      According to city officials, there is already a shortfall of around 300 kindergarten spots and twelve classrooms in the school system.

      In the past twelve months there has been such a massive influx of children that “we cannot fulfil the legal entitlement to a kindergarten place or compulsory education,” said Krüger.

      In a speech the mayor held at New Year, he pointed out that Freiberg is home to around 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers – around five percent of the population.

      Meanwhile in the Brandenburg town of Cottbus, two knife attacks within a matter of days and acute tensions between locals and foreigners led the city to stop taking in new asylum seekers last week.

      Several towns in Lower Saxony froze refugee arrivals last year, also citing an inability to integrate more people.

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