CBC update on fake hate crime accusation seems more like doubling down on it

The title of this video is:

UPDATE: Reported cutting of girl’s hijab ‘did not happen,’ police say

And for anyone who is confused by the video, this is WHY CBC did a NON UPDATE UPDATE:

Alleged attack on hijab-wearing girl didn’t happen: police

An alleged attack against an 11-year-old girl where a man supposedly cut off her hijab while she walked to school last week, did not in fact happen, Toronto police say.

On Jan. 12, the girl told police that she was on her way to Pauline Johnson Junior Public School in Scarborough when a man dressed in black came up behind her. She said the suspect – described as an Asian man with a moustache — pulled off the hood to her jacket and cut off her hijab with a pair of blue-handled scissors before fleeing the area.

Toronto police responded and said they were investigating the alleged incident.

However police said Monday morning that after a thorough investigation, they don’t believe the incident happened.

“There was an extensive investigation Friday and over the weekend and quite simply, investigators came to the conclusion, considering all the evidence they had, that what was described did not happen,” police spokesman Mark Pugash said.

“Extensive investigation”.

Shiela Gunn Ried makes an excellent point.

They actually FABRICATED evidence!

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16 Replies to “CBC update on fake hate crime accusation seems more like doubling down on it”

  1. The Left fund anyone who lies
    Pretending love, truth and identity
    So they can wear disguise.
    Just follow the money
    Reverse-direction from the eyes
    Outraged by Fake News?
    Why are we surprised.

  2. I’m certain the police know the family was involved in hatching the plot. But because they are Muslims, best not to shake the tree of Islamophobia.

    • This is absolutely correct. The trial of faulty source code.

      Instead of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) aka Foundation for Users, Computers and Keyboards
      “The mission of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics is to shape a future of responsible robotics design, development, use, regulation, and implementation. We see both the definition of responsible robotics and the means of achieving it as ongoing tasks that will evolve alongside the technology”

      There should also be a Foundation of Human Understanding.
      Oh, there was an attempt. https://www.fhu.com

  3. You can bet that if any one of us tried to suck in the cops with any sort of fraudulent claim we would be charged immediately. This means the police are complicit and should be held accountable if they don’t reopen the case and lay charges against the mother.

    • It is the mother, The CBC, Trudeau and the TDSB who are guilty. The kid may or may not have been the instigator but i doubt she was.

    • … so kids are free to lead the Police in wild goose chases … maybe actually finding someone who kinda fits the fantasy description and now his life … employment etc. is ruined?

      Luckily no one was found before the Police realized they had been gamed. The message sent in “get over it”, as with the Police’s lack of investigation into how/why they were gamed really means … laws are for the law-abiding.

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