Persians may have to teach Germans how to win freedom. And many others

Banned video:

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9 Replies to “Persians may have to teach Germans how to win freedom. And many others”

  1. The Germans and the French know how to win freedom, you set back and let the Brits and Americans liberate you. In the current case the Brits are somewhat up in the air about if they want to be liberated or be a liberator.

    • So many voices are stifled in the UK, we just don’t know. The majority did vote for Brexit, after all, in spite of the dire warnings from their ‘betters’ and the corporate media.

      Yes, the cities seem to have fallen to the enemy, but Britain still exists. All those vets and football-fans marching peacefully in great numbers – how inspiring!

      Those are solid folks who aren’t heard in anything like their real numbers. If they had freedom of expression, we’d surely hear more voices like Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston and Anne Marie Waters.

      • OK the Brits and the Yanks liberating Europe one more time. We will be doing this because we need Europe free not because we have any great love for the fools who voted for the left.

        Trump is starting the de-Marxing of the American Government hopefully the rest of the Anglophone sphere will follow us.

  2. Jordan B. Peterson – Try Vimeo
    “Bill Warner PhD: Objective Naming, a lesson for politicians”
    Political Islam – Uploaded on December 2, 2017

  3. There is little point in fortifying our cities,when the enemy is already ensconced in its parasitic life style within them.On another note,is it not about time that the pope was replaced by the fabled,wise stunningly intelligent one legged negro lesbian with all the answers to the worlds problems,so let us get some thieving rapists bombers in the Vatican to keep it company.

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