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5 Replies to “Nikki Haley at UN on Iran, North Korea”

  1. Gee, I feel kinda sorry for the Jihadists. With Egypt against them, ISIS getting beaten, and now The Islamic Republic going under, who are they going to turn to? Actually, I feel sorry for the leftist too. How many of those people now staring at Nikki Haily with hatred in their eyes are going to be still around a year from now, when admitting you liked Hillary will be like saying how much you loved disco and CarrotTop. Get ready for a whole lot of new faces on the world scene…

    The US Ambassador is doing exactly what she should be doing and all those people sitting there frowning at her are simply wrong about everything. I don’t know if they’ve been bought off or are just plain stupid, but they wouldn’t know common sense if it kicked them in the pants…

    • The Jihadi’s, Turkey and Pakistan, if we are forced out of Afghanistan by Pakistan telling us to remove our bases and revoking our fly over permission Afghanistan.

      Our stopping our funding of Pakistan and the Palestinians will force China, Russia and parts of Europe to step up and replace the money we are no longer giving. Money none of the three have. This will hasten the Collapse of the EU and China, personally I think Putin will find some way to avoid paying anything.

  2. Nikki Haley is just as plain-spoken as John Bolton but one heckuva lot prettier.

    She exudes an exhilirating degree of confidence and moral conviction about these new (Trump) policies and clearly could not give a flying fü¢k about what America’s critics think. After decades of seeing Islam being mollycoddled by all and sundry, it is beyond refreshing to know that the USA will be handing back Iran, Pakistan, and the “Palestinians” their heads.

    The relocation of America’s Israeli embassy to Jerusalem was a brilliant litmus test for sorting out exactly who joins the America in opposing this Islamically dominated sock puppet known as the UN.

    Perhaps most impressive of all is Trump’s unequivocal stance on defunding Pakistan and the “Palestinians” (to whatever degree). This no-nonsense attitude makes Bush 2.0 look like the mealy-mouthed, Islamophilic weasel that he always was.

    PS: Chris Jones, I left an answer to your question yesterday.

    See: https://vladtepesblog.com/2017/12/29/anti-regime-anti-hizballah-protests-spread-to-iranian-major-cities/comment-page-1/#comment-391763

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