New York to install special blast and stab zones to make Islamic terror more effective

New York has begun a program of permanent installation of fixtures that will prevent emergency vehicles from getting into areas where Muslims might walk guns, bombs and knives into, and thereby inflict maximum damage before police or medical staff can get close to the area.

An idea that is widespread in Europe, known as Merkel-Blocks, Diversity-barriers, and in the vulgar, ‘tard-guards’, created so that governments do not yet have to openly admit the problem is Islamic doctrine and its followers, and instead, create conditions that make attacks more effective and lethal, while creating the optical illusion of safety from light trucks driven at pedestrians.

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4 Replies to “New York to install special blast and stab zones to make Islamic terror more effective”

  1. The Jihadis haven’t even begun to fight. The Mumbai attack showed the effectiveness of an actual armed platoon hitting a city. The Mumbai Platoon had ten Pakistanis with small arms and they overwhelmed the city. I think they could run around bollards…

    The answer doesn’t lie in bollards. The answer lies in singling out those madrassas and mosques that teach this Jihad shit and blowing them sky high with the teachers still inside. That is the answer. Kill the God damn radical Imams. There is no other solution. There are literally thousands of evil bastards with big beards out there telling young Muslims to dedicate their lives to committing suicide in the name of Allah. That is the problem…

  2. From Ack-bars to these Boll-tards.

    None will work against a malevoent spirit. Either for a Religion that produces micro-jihadis or a Collectivism that produces micro-offended. .Psychopaths or Sociopaths. Perfectionists or Correctionists. True Sharia or True Socialism.

    “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

    “When we examine Jesus’ words from a Hebraic-Jewish perspective, we can see what has been obscured by mistranslation and lack of familiarity with Judaism. The passages construed to support pacifism actually condemn revenge rather than self-defense. It is not surprising that this interpretation is consistent with Jesus’ other teachings and the rest of biblical instruction.”

    The way of fear, protecting from trucks of peace to plastic spoons, is the arms race solution that rewards the status quo of the predators over their prey. Muhamadans and Communists. These undefeated.

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