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7 Replies to “France: Halal grocer ordered closed due to not selling non-halal foods”

  1. The French are fighting back, you use the law until they use so much force no one complains about you using over whelming force to stop their actions. Win enough times and the invaders will retreat.

      • You start by limiting the number of immigrants, then you insist that they assimilate into your culture, then you insist that they get jobs and don’t live on welfare. This will force most of the invaders back to their home nations. Then you take a good hard look at history and see that standing up to the invaders will either cause them to leave the nation of cause them to rebel in a violent revolution. Either way you are capable of forcing the invaders from you nation.

        The Demographic predictions are based on the idea that everything is in a steady state and no conditions will change. As the number of the invaders grown the burdens on the health care systems grow and will cause the health care systems to crash. This will create the conditions that bring about epidemics of various types. The continued increase in the numbers of the invaders creates a political backlash in the native population, this in turn puts pressure on the politicians to solve the problem.

        Finally look at the nations of Europe that are for all practical purposes in a permanent state of low intensity war. Over the long run this is going to force the native population of those nations to either migrate to different nations of to fight back and kick the invaders into the sea. Both are going to happen, we are alread seeing the rich setting up sanctuaries in other nations hoping to avoid any fighting. We are also seeing the raise if the European natives as they start fighting back. Both take time and will accelerate as the situation in Europe gets worse.

      • The main thing you need to do is change you attitude, you are saying that there is no way things can change, no way the invasion can be fought so why fight? As long as you are thinking this way you can’t win because you will never fight to win, Accept that we are in a long and bloody war and start looking for tactics that can be used to drive the invaders out.

        Think attack instead of defend, the Mayor of the French town is fighting back, by forcing the store to carry pork and alcohol they are forcing the Moslems to change, which in turn forces them to decide if they want to live in a town where their law isn’t the supreme law. How many other laws can be used against them? Noise pollution laws to stop the calls to prayer? Law suites to stop the blocking of traffic? Zoning laws that will force the Moslems to either change their ways or move?

        Think offense using the laws until they resort to so much violence that only the terminally stupid think you can’t use violence in return. Once the fighting goes to violence remember that no one does mechanized war like the Europeans and their descendants. The Europeans colonized the world by ignoring the demographics and instead concentrating on forcing their will on the natives. In this case the natives have to ignore demographics and concentrate on forcing their will on the invaders.

        Demographics are King only if you decide they can’t be beaten.

        The fall of Europe is inevitable only if you decide it is and don’t fight back.

        Defense and offense are states of mind, you are stuck in the defense state which will lead to defeat. Shift to offense and try to reverse the victories that you thinking defense have given the enemy.


        the move is a slightly (but only slightly) fictionalized telling of one of the major stands in WWII. Everyone thought Rommel couldn’t be defeated but British and colonial troops showed that that was wrong. Right now everyone thinks that the Islamic Invasion.migration can’t be defeated. Fight back and prove them wrong. You are on the ground discover your own ways of fighting back, think for yourself and do your best to avoid the Stasi/Gestapo the the European Nations are now using to oppress their citizens.

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