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3 Replies to “The state of intellectual diversity at Canadian universities”

  1. That, ladies and gentlemen, was so much like the Spanish Inquisition that it’s truly frightening. How could those people be acting like such perfect little Nazis and be so completely unaware that they are doing so? Notice how the inquisitor never listens to what the victim is saying and just keeps bending the truth in the direction of banning her from showing Jordan Peterson videos, and while he’s at it, any other thing that you’d see on the internet but never appears on the MSM, like Geert Wilders or Ann Coulter.

    What they are basically saying is that they feel justified in firing anybody who is not a leftist. It’s that simple. They are demanding the right to censure anyone they want contingent only on whether they subjectively agree with their opinion or not. The left has completed the circle and has now declared that conservatives and Nazis are the same thing and are both beyond the pale and beyond contempt.

    Unfortunately, every single major media outlet in Canada is exactly as left wing as the university and would no more run this story than they would poison their mothers…

      • The left in Canada has complete control of the Campuses and in the Government. The left in the US has complete control of the Campuses but not yet in the Government.

        Chris talks of the Spanish Inquisition, I would say Stalin;s trials but really that is just a matter of semantics.

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