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8 Replies to “The intellectual depth of some ANTIFA”

  1. It seems as if all roads are, indeed, leading to block-chain technology for the next world reserve currency. Nothing else seems to be on the radar. However it is curious that a medium of exchange would be reliant on electricity to exist, which is absurd on obvious levels. Maybe someone has found a way around this glitch. One way would be a gold-backed or gold-linked currency.

    An electronic currency would otherwise fit right into the Globalist glove. It would offer complete tracking capabilities of every individual except those possessing precious metals. Tax evasion would be almost impossible. The minutia of movement of each person could be traced by every debit swipe. Policing would revolutionize. Dissenters of any stripe could be stripped bare of their assets with the push of a button. The money supply could be manipulated down to the last electron. Even the velocity of money could be goosed or slowed. It’s pretty much a Keynesian economist’s, and a tyrant’s dream. Collectivism in the most, well, collective sense would be achieved worldwide using these IMF currency units called SDRs. Although I’d imagine they’d change it to something sexier or more playful to better disarm any suspicions. Bye-bye cowboy.

    And I really mean bye-bye cowboy. The uniquely North-American mythological construct known as The Cowboy survives in my mind like a blockchain electronic bitcoin imprinted on an unplugged hard drive. He rides alone. He don’t need nobody. And he doesn’t really give a shit what you think if you don’t get him. He’s polite, law-abiding, and fiercely independent. Much like the people who visit this blog. But I hang on desperately to the mythology of the cowboy. Let every other culture have their lore while I keep the man in my mind I most desire to be. No, there ain’t no dang ten-gallon hat and no dang-darn horse. — Don’t matter none whether yer a chinaman or a darkie or reglar-like, see? It’s a spirit of freedom that every person alive should have. It isn’t anti-social. It’s pro-autonomous human being.

    So where would the black market be and what would it trade in? (It never goes away) My guess would be all things physical. Trade from booze and smokes to silver and gold. Like always. But precious metals gathered now, prereset, will separate the real haves from the have nots. This is why the currently rich don’t sweat it. They’ve got theirs if they’ve informed themselves. Many rich people now will lose much of their fortunes because they’ve been advised by commercial bank bums whose only job is to keep you in useless derivative paper and collect their big fees even when you lose. And when you do lose big they say something brilliant like, “Look at it this way, Bob, at least you’ve got your health.” Fuck-off. That’s a con-line if ever I’ve heard one.

    If anyone in Vladland doesn’t believe me I challenge you to explain why China and Russia compete to be the world’s #1 acquirer of gold every year. Is it truly a relic as Bernanke suggested, or the hub of the financial universe as Greenspan said pre-his-own reset circa ’68.

    The world of money is changing right now, as you read this, with such speed, violence and silence that we cannot fathom. The world of your middle-aged children will look nothing like what we have now.

    And Bye-bye Mon Cowboy.


    • Don’t give up you vision of a cowboy, the corrupt politicians will never give up physical money, after all how to you bribe someone with a piece of plastic or electrons without leaving a massive trail? The politicians what to control you but don’t want to leave evidence for their enemies on the left to use against them. Remember leftist politics is a dog eat dog world and in socialist nation it ends up as a contact sport.

  2. Commenting on the actual video: these so called “students” are the dregs of the earth. The stupidest eighth grader who was in elementary school in the 1960s and 70s had a better education than these cretins. Their ignorance is jaw dropping. They don’t have a clue about reason or logic. Their parents or whoever paid for their 4 year playground got ripped off.

    • That is the goal of the left, they want the students to be so uneducated that they will believe the BS about communism and fall into the trap of supporting their own enslavement by the left.

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