Iran still spiking the ball over their takeover of the US Embassy 38 years ago today: Links 1, Nov. 4 2017

1. Watch this video of the culture in the UK in terms of BREXIT

2. Armed ISIS-obsessed murder suspect busted at Port Authority

Authorities busted a murder suspect who had pledged allegiance to ISIS after spotting the armed man at a Midtown bus terminal Wednesday morning, officials said.

Matthew Passaro, 46 who also goes by his adopted Muslim name “Abu Bakar Hussain” was grabbed by Port Authority police near the Greyhound terminal on 42nd Street at around 10:30 am, said Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo.


According to officials, he is known to frequent the Al-Farooq mosque on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

3. Christians pelted with ROCKS in shocking attack on town – four churches forced to shut

The coordinated attacks took place in the Egyptian region of Minya, south of Cairo, where church leaders are now pleading for support. 


After keeping quiet for two weeks to help officials carry out investigations, Coptic Orthodox leaders have now spoken out and accused Egypt of treating Christian prayers “as a crime”. 


They said they were forced to close four churches after furious locals launched vicious attacks on worshippers, emboldened by a lack of police support. 

Terrified church leaders were forced to close one church for the safety of their congregations – something which then encouraged mobs to attack three others.

And authorities are doing nothing to bring those responsible to justice, the Coptic Orthodox leader in Minya said. 

4. Iranians have celebratory commemoration of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in what might have been the largest assault on the international system since WW2. Today is the 38th anniversary of the start of hostilities. It will be interesting to see where else Iranians and Shiia muslims hold celebratory events.

Iran displays new missiles near former US Embassy in Tehran

5. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon leader speaks out about sentencing

Thank you M., Richard, Johnny U., and many more who sent in materials. More to come today. Watch the news closely please for ANTIFA’s alleged attacks on multiple US cities to try and depose President Donald Trump.


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