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4 Replies to “Paul Joseph Watson video placed in “limited State””

    • One little thing that we have on our side is that it is almost impossible to become un-red pilled. When a leftist forgets for one instant to plug their ears and screw up their face and scream hysterically, and accidentally sees, for instance, that in Islam the penalty for apostasy is death, or that the Quranic chapter called “Women” opens with, “Women are inferior”, the opportunity for self-honesty appears and actual learning becomes briefly possible. Chew on that, Germaine. Get a loada this, Gloria.

      Inside of every intelligent head there should be a little detective who gets suspicious when things stop adding up. If, for instance, you happen to be gay, that little detective would become quite concerned when he saw the Muslims throwing a gay guy off the top of a 7-storey building for the crime of being himself while at the same time saw you voting for a politician who wants to inject literally millions of guys exactly like those building-throwers into your country for some reason…

      And the name of the little detective is “Critical Thinking”. French guy. Snappy dresser…:)

      Oh, and I signed up for Bitchute. May it become a truly free platform where content providers can compete fairly and enjoy ad-revenue without the endemic left wing prejudice of YouTube. Just as long as I don’t get too closely lumped in with David Duke and the Swastika boys. Let’s hope they stand firm for the principle of free speech and tell the advertisers that buying ad time doesn’t equal becoming the one who determines policy like it does at YouTube.

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