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  1. Iraq paramilitaries battle Kurds in push towards Turkish border oil hub (reuters, Oct 24, 2017)

    “Iraqi pro-government paramilitaries launched an offensive against Kurdish troops on Tuesday near the Turkish frontier, pushing towards a strategic border crossing and oil export pipeline hub that Baghdad says must come under its control.

    The Iraqi government has transformed the balance of power in the north of the country since launching a campaign last week to seize back territory from the Kurds, who govern an autonomous region of three northern provinces and had also seized a swathe of other territory in northern Iraq.

    The Kurds held a referendum on independence last month that Baghdad called illegal. Baghdad responded by seizing back the city of Kirkuk, the oil-producing areas around it, and other territory that the Kurds had captured from Islamic State.

    Prime Minister Haidar Abadi has ordered his army to recapture all disputed territory, and has also demanded central control of Iraq’s border crossings with Turkey, all of which are inside the Kurdish autonomous region itself.

    A Kurdish official said Kurdish security forces known as Peshmerga had successfully beaten back an advance by Iranian-backed pro-government paramilitaries in the region of Rabi‘a, 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the Fish-Khabur border area.

    Fish-Khabur is strategically vital because oil from both Kurdish and government-held parts of northern Iraq cross at a pipeline there into Turkey, the main route out of the area for international export, crucial for any Kurdish independence bid.

    Abadi told a news conference in Baghdad he will discuss the issue of the border crossing with his Turkish counterpart Benali Yildirim on Wednesday in Ankara.

    The fighting so far has taken place outside the Kurdish autonomous region, but Fish-Khabur is located within it, so any assault on the border crossing would mark a major escalation, bringing government troops into undisputed Kurdish territory.

    Crude oil flowing through the Iraqi Kurdistan pipeline to Turkey’s port of Ceyhan were up slightly at 300,000 barrels per day on Tuesday, about half the level before the Iraqi takeover of Kirkuk, a shipping source in London said. The pumping rate has risen by about 50,000 bpd since Monday…”

  2. Our Taxpayer Funded Palestinian Saddam
    Terror, lies and taxpayer money.
    October 24, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    A tree may grow in Brooklyn, but a Saddam Hussein memorial has grown in Qalqilya.

    Qalqilya is one of those ancient, historic “Palestinian” cities. So it dates back all the way to 1893. The population of Qalqilya more than quadrupled under Israeli rule. That’s typical of Zionist genocide which somehow vastly increases the number of Arab Muslims and their shrill accusations of genocide.

    In the ancient 19th century Palestinian city of Qalqilya, dating back all the way to the days of President Grover Cleveland and the invention of the jukebox, Hamas is popular. It even elected its own mayor before he was removed from office and the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah was put back in charge. Politics in Qalqilya remains a pitched battle between Hamas and Fatah over who hates the Jews more and has the best plan for destroying them.

    There isn’t much to do in Qalqilya except visit its zoo. The Qalqilya Zoo is the worst zoo in the world and embodies everything wrong with “Palestine”. Israelis helped set up the zoo as a gesture of peace. It was supposed to be a “jewel in the crown of Palestinian national institutions.”

  3. Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East

    by John R. Bolton
    October 24, 2017 at 4:00 am

    The fall of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State’s “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, is unarguably an important politico-military milestone, albeit long overdue. Nonetheless, ISIS, a metastasized version of Al Qaeda, remains a global terrorist threat, and prospects for Middle Eastern stability and security for America’s interests and allies are still remote.

    Even as ISIS was losing Raqqa, Iraqi regular armed forces and Shia militia were attacking Kirkuk and its environs, held by Iraqi Kurds since June 2014, when ISIS burst out of Syria and seized large swathes of territory from Baghdad’s collapsing army.

    The battles for Raqqa and Kirkuk reveal much about the mistakes in U.S. strategy for defeating ISIS, and the consequences of not supporting Iraqi Kurdish efforts to establish an independent state. The two battles are closely related, proving again the historical reality that the Middle East is replete with multi-party, multi-dimensional conflicts, and contains more troublemakers than peacemakers.

    Most importantly for Washington, Raqqa and Kirkuk demonstrate that Tehran’s malign regime is on the march, while American policy stands in disarray, even while President Trump rightly condemned Iran’s continued regional belligerency and support for global terrorism. How this came to be is a lesson in bureaucracy. Existing policies, on auto-pilot as always when new presidents take office, especially when Republicans replace Democrats, persisted after January 20, without being subjected to searching review and modification.

    Had the incoming Trump administration immediately reversed Barack Obama’s support for the Baghdad government, effectively a satellite of Tehran’s mullahs, we would not be, as we are now, objectively supporting Iran’s hegemonic regional ambitions. President Trump did order a faster operations tempo against ISIS, and made significant changes in the rules of engagement for U.S. military activities.

  4. DAILY MAIL – Turkish father livestreams his suicide on Facebook because his daughter chose to marry without his approval

    Ayhan Uzun, from city of Kayseri, central Turkey, can be seen speaking to camera
    The 54-year-old reveals that his daughter chose to marry without his permission
    Shocking Facebook Live broadcast appears to show him using gun to kill himself

  5. Austrian court gives Syrian more time in prison for IS ties (miamiherald, Oct 24, 2017)

    “An Austrian court has found a Syrian youth guilty of terrorist-related activities by spreading Islamic State group propaganda while in jail for the same crime and has sentenced him to two additional years in prison.

    The 18-year-old was already serving a three-year prison sentence on the previous conviction last year. He said he was innocent at his hearing Tuesday in the southeastern city of Graz.

    The prosecution said the youth was radicalized at age 14 in Syria and served for the IS in the Sharia police, denouncing those who did not follow strict rules on dress.

    The teenager arrived in Austria during the 2015 influx of migrants to the EU. He is not being named in line with Austrian confidentiality laws.”

  6. Nov 4 ‘Refuse Fascism’ Occupy redux funded by Soros, Marxist orgs
    “Big-tent” org is tied to crowds supporting violent revolution and notorious terrorist groups.

    On Nov. 4, the group “Refuse Fascism” will host nationwide rallies in 14 different cities for its mission, which is quite simple: “The Trump/Pence regime must go” — and by any means possible.

    As expected, the mainstream media continue to hype the coming protest as a marker for when the Left will raise a united moral front against the Trump presidency. But the truth is far more sinister.

    Refuse Fascism positions itself as a big-tent movement from “many different points of view” that is looking out for the best interests of America. But that’s hardly the case. The reality is that it is an extremist outfit that seeks to overthrow the principles that this country was founded upon.

    Its namesake is the ultimate irony. Over the past year, Refuse Fascism has shown itself to be a fascist group. The Antifa-linked group has taken pride in shutting down speakers from across the political spectrum, often declaring anyone even a smidgen right of the far-left as a “neo-Nazi” who should not — and cannot — be heard.

  7. DAILY MAIL – UK – Don’t jail hate preachers, says terror ‘tsar’: New storm engulfs QC who said ‘naive’ jihadis returning from Syria should be spared prosecution

    Terror watchdog Max Hill said thinking about terrorism was not itself terrorism

    Max Hill, the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws, was rebuked by ministers

    He said the British law should only penalise preparing or carrying out terrorism

  8. Toronto star – In first sit-down interview, Caitlan Coleman tells of forced abortion, disputes official account of her rescue in Pakistan

    “We were not crossing into Pakistan that day,” Coleman said on the grounds of an Ottawa hospital on Monday, and claims made by Islamabad and Washington that they were rescued Oct. 11 after crossing the border are false.

    […]While she said she is not ready to speak publicly about all aspects of her captivity, she is certain they were held in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and claims made by Islamabad and Washington, that they were rescued Oct. 11 after crossing the border are false. “We were not crossing into Pakistan that day. We had been in Pakistan for more than a year at that point.”

    […]Coleman said she had been “defiled” in front of her children and Boyle wrote vaguely of a terminated pregnancy.

    Coleman said Monday that the forced abortion was in retaliation for Boyle’s refusal of Haqqani network efforts to recruit him. “They were very angry because Joshua had been asked to join them, to work for them, and he said no,” she said. “They killed her by dosing the food. They put massive doses of estrogen in the food.”

    High levels of estrogen in a pregnancy can force a miscarriage and Coleman says once she lost her baby, whom the couple named “Martyr,

    […]“No comment.” She has continued to wear a hijab since returning to Canada but declined Monday to speak about whether she has converted to Islam.

    • Clinton campaign helped fund research for Trump dossier: Report

      Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka on a report that the Clinton campaign and DNC paid for research that led to the Russian dossier.

    • Gag order could be lifted on FBI informant

      Circa Investigative Reporter Sara Carter on the Uranium One deal and the potential lifting of the gag order on a FBI informant.

    • the daily caller –Obama Aide Ben Rhodes To Testify On ‘Unmasking’ Before Intel Committee

      Ben Rhodes, formerly Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, is set to testify Wednesday before the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

      The committee identified Rhodes as a “person of interest” in the growing “unmasking”scandal in which top Obama officials spied on Trump campaign aides and transition to track their contacts with foreign government leaders, TheDCNF reported in August. Rhodes will testify about the unmasking Wednesday, a source from the committee told TheDCNF.

      In one instance, Obama aides unmasked Trump transition officials who were meeting privately in New York with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Republic last December. The meeting was so hush-hush the head of state did not notify the Obama White House he was traveling to the United States, which is the customary for foreign leaders.

      Rhodes, along with Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice, has been linked to an overall effort to “unmask” Trump campaign aides and transition officials who had legal contacts with diplomats and other foreign government officials.

      Samantha Power, Obama’s former U.N. Ambassador, and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, also have been implicated in large scale “unmasking.”

      Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova previously told TheDCNF that Rice and Rhodes compiled “spread sheets” on the growing number of Trump aides they were unmasking. Rice has denied that she compiled spread sheets, but in private testimony before the intelligence committee she did concede she unmasked Trump associates.

      The Obama administration has been under intense scrutiny by both the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee for its unmasking activities and its apparent easy access to raw intelligence targeting political opponents in the Trump campaign and later among transition officials.

      The unprecedented White House-led activity was first reported last March by Rep. Devin Nunes, the intelligence committee chairman. He personally reviewed raw national intelligence on U.S. citizens that had been collected by the National Security Agency and culled by Obama administration officials.

      Democratic members of the committee decried Nunes’s private review of the NSA files, but the complaints subsided after ranking committee member Rep. Adam Schiff personally reviewed the same NSA documents.

      Some of the aides who were “unmasked” were later leaked to the liberal news media. The unauthorized release of raw intelligence is a federal crime.

      Rhodes is also known as the Obama official who duped White House reporters into accepting the Iran nuclear deal in a profile by the New York Times Magazine. He dripped with sarcasm about the Washington press corps and how easy it was to fool them.

      Both Democrats and Republican members of the committee are expected to question Rhodes at the Wednesday committee meeting.

    • the gateway pundit – What Did Obama Know? Three Top Officials Left Admin for Law Firm that Retained Fusion GPS for Anti-Trump Russian Dossier

      […]As it turns out, three senior Obama administration officials, including two who worked side by side with President Barack Obama in the White House, left the administration to go to work at Perkins Coie and still work there.

      Obama White House Counsel Robert (Bob) Bauer served from January 3, 2010 until June 30, 2011 when he left for Perkins Coie where he is a partner. Bauer is married to former Obama official Anita Dunn who served as White House Communications Director.

      […]Bauer reportedly subsequently recruited two fellow senior Obama officials to work at Perkins Coie in 2014. Both still work there.

      Another close Obama advisor, Pete Rouse, left the White House for Perkins Coie after serving as Counselor and Chief of Staff to Obama. Rouse is currently a Senior Policy Advisor and Firmwide Co-Chair, Public and Strategic Affairs Group for Perkins Coie.

      Mark Patterson, a Rouse protege, was Chief of Staff at the Treasury Department for two successive secretaries. He is now a partner and Firmwide Co-Chair, Public and Strategic Affairs Group at Perkins Coie.

      more :

      the gateway pundit – DNC PANICS – Denies Involvement in Trump-Russia Dossier in Awkward Press Release

      Statement from DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa:

      “Tom Perez and the new leadership of the DNC were not involved in any decision-making regarding Fusion GPS, nor were they aware that PerkinsCoie was working with the organization. But let’s be clear, there is a serious federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, nd the American public deserves to know what happened.”

    • DAILY MAIL – Hillary paid for notorious ‘golden showers’ dossier on Trump: Her campaign lawyer funded dirty tricks firm’s research into his Russian links which came up with discredited claims

      Hillary Clinton ‘s campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped bankroll the research that resulted in the dossier on Donald Trump

      Campaign lawyer Marc Elias hired research firm Fusion GPS back in April 2016
      Research firm then hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the dossier, to dig up the dirt on Trump

      Clinton’s lawyer and his law firm Perkins Coie continued to fund the research until days before last year’s election

      Elias had earlier ‘vigorously’ denied being involved in the Trump dossier, according to New York Times reporter

      The dossier made a series of salacious and discredited claims against Trump, including that he paid prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed

  9. the independent Saudi plans to modernise Mecca slammed as ‘destroying the cradle of Islam’

    Exclusive: Plans for retractable sports stadium style roof to shield pilgrims visiting Grand Mosque complex from sun ‘will not meet international preservation standards’

    Alleged Saudi government plans to build a retractable roof over Mecca’s holy Kaaba have been met with outrage over concerns the modifications will destroy the historic character of one of Islam’s most sacred sites.

    While there has been no official announcement from Mecca province or other Saudi authorities on the proposed measures, video provided to The Independent by the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation shows a scale model currently on display in the holy Saudi Arabian city, demonstrating how the roof will work.

    The new “umbrella project” enclosure is designed to protect pilgrims from the scorching desert sun when visiting the Kaaba, the black structure at the centre of Mecca’s Grand Mosque which Muslims face towards when they pray.

    Muslims are expected to perform Hajj – a Ramadan visit to Mecca, the Prophet Mohammed’s birthplace – at least once in their lifetimes.

    Construction is supposed to begin shortly and the roof is due to be finished by 2019, Major General Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, commander of the Grand Mosque security forces, was recently quoted as saying by Saudi media.

    “For centuries Muslims have travelled to the site for Hajj and Umra [lesser pilgrimage] and not complained about this. I can’t understand for the life of me why you would destroy the cradle of Islam and all our heritage like this, said Dr Irfan Al Alawi, director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation.

    “Nothing should cover the Kaaba from above as Muslims believe the mercy of Allah descends from the highest heavens.

    “This umbrella plan looks like a spaceship from a Hollywood movie.”

    […]Renovations to Mecca and Medina’s existing infrastructure to accommodate more pilgrims every year have been underway since 2011, under the rule of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

    When completed, extensions to the Grand Mosque complex will include six new floors for praying and 21,000 toilets, as well as 860 escalators and 24 lifts for disabled and less mobile worshippers. Plans for new roads and high speed rail links have not yet materialised.

    Critics note, however, that since Mecca and Medina are not protected as Unesco World Heritage Sites, Riyadh is free to carry out modernisation work in the holy cities which may not meet international preservation standards.

    more :

    PIC :the blackstone

  10. Viktor Orban: Hungarians Named The Powers Who Want To Cut Off Europe From It’s Roots
    PM Orban Viktor told an audience commemorating 1956 that Hungarians are the ones who named the powers of those dark forces who wish to cut off Europe from it’s roots.

  11. Arabs Boast 63 Babies Born from Terror Prisoners’ Artificial Insemination

    Ghaith is the name of the 63rd child born of smuggled sperm belonging to an Arab terrorist behind bars in Israel, according to Ma’an. On Sunday he emerged into the world in the Arab Specialist Hospital in Shechem, “amidst a great joy that swept the family of the prisoner Ali Mohammed Saeed al-Qaisi from Jenin.”

    Ali’s wife, Haifa al-Qaisi, “expressed her joy when she gave birth to her new baby from a sperm that had been smuggled from inside prison,” in an effort that overcame “strict Israeli measures to prevent the smuggling of sperm from inside the prisons.”

    “Our joy today is not described as Ghaith, but this joy will remain incomplete and will only be complete with the release of Ali,” said Haifa, whose 21-year-old husband was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

    According to activist Mayser Atani, 50 wives of security prisoners have so far been able to give birth to 63 children through artificial insemination, which shows that PA Arab continue to be productive despite all obstacles.

    Either that, or these wives have come up with the perfect alibi for extramarital affairs…

    “The smuggling of sperm from inside the prisons of the Israeli occupation is a real revolution made by the resistance movement and being added to the history of Palestinian achievements,” Atani insisted.

    For its part, the management of the Arab Specialist Hospital reported that baby and mother are healthy, and the weight of the baby is 5.5 pounds. It also confirmed that the hospital would continue to conduct such operations for the wives of prisoners – free of charge.

  12. CBC – Bill 62: How Quebec’s face-covering ban will work

    Quebec’s Bill 62 was immediately controversial because it seemed to target Muslim women wearing the niqab. Lawmakers have now clarified how the bill will work. Here’s a rundown of what it is, who’s affected and what happens next.

  13. Quebec’s Bill 62: Niqab-wearing Muslim fears the impact of face-covering ban

    Quebec’s Bill 62 has one Niqab-wearing Muslim woman fearing how she will be treated now that the face-covering ban is in effect. Zayneb Bin Ruchd says she already complies with identification requirements and argues that the law is political.

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