Is this a terror attack in NYC?


Sassy sends this update: No. It isn’t.

Convicted gun felon on parole tries to steal FDNY fire truck after causing seven-car pileup in Manhattan which injured nine people
(I wonder what a “gun felon” is though.)

Shocking video has captured a driver trying to steal an FDNY fire truck after causing a seven-car accident in Manhattan on Sunday.

The clip shows Devon Brandon, 36, dressed in a green T-shirt, arguing with firefighters in the front cab of the fire truck. 

He then frantically climbs into the driver’s seat as seven firefighters work to pull him out, causing the engine to shake.

The truck, which was stopped on 10th Avenue and 43rd Street, had been responding to the car accident when the incident occurred. 


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  1. New York City has real strict gun control laws, they call anyone who is convicted of a crime while using or carrying a fire arm a gun felon. This makes no sense to me but little the left does makes sense to me.

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