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6 Replies to “Jordan Peterson tweet on the value of the UN”

  1. So, what, is the WHO actually a communist front? God! Are they ever good at infiltrating things. Like, who would think that the Kellogg Foundation would be left wing? I don’t think Dr. Kellogg was left wing, was he? How about the Ford Foundation? I’m pretty sure Henry wasn’t a pinko. And yet, they’re all red as blood now. Exasperating. They join, they volunteer, they stay late, they work hard, they network, and next thing you know they’re elected to the bloody board and blocking conservatives from becoming new members. Just like the CBC…

    • I wish to feck I had some reasonable answers to your well-deserved questions.

      Unfortunately, most of them seem to be (as Mao suggested) destined to come from the barrel of a gun.

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