Stabbing Spree in Munich: Suspect an Ethnic European, Homeless Person

Germany – Earlier today, starting at 9:45 AM local time, a man in Munich went on a stabbing spree, injuring four. As he managed to escape, a large police force of 500 was deployed, helicopters were circling the area, and the residents were asked to stay indoors.
The suspect was arrested at 11.51. Police are sure that they have the right guy.

These days, when there is a stabbing, and police declare that the perpetrator appears to be “mentally ill”, you can’t help but roll your eyes. But in this case, it actually seems plausible. The suspect arrested appears to be a local, ethnic-european homeless person. Homeless people in German cities often suffer from untreated severe schizophrenia, and “self-medicate” with alcohol and drug abuse.
At 2 PM local time, there was a press conference:

At the press conference, Hubertus Andrä (61), police chief of Munich, declared that the police had basically no doubts that the arrested German was the perpetrator. A knife, the weapon probably used in the crime, was found on him. The man currently refuses to answer questions.
According to Andrä, the attacker has got several previous convictions, amongst others for dangerous battery, theft, and drug offenses. Additionally, he suffers from psychological problems.

(Source: Bild)

The question is of course, how comes that an insane person, who has got previous convictions, is allowed to walk the streets freely, putting unsuspecting people at a risk?

The answer is, just as with Islamic terror “Risks” (the so-called “Gefährder”): Because a) it would be violating their human rights to put them under safety arrest preemptively; and b) it would mean additional work for the courts and for police, who can barely keep up under their work load anyway.

And, last but not least, there is simply no capacity. The German jails and mental institutions are clogged up with migrants. As criminality rates were dropping, jails that were no longer needed were closed – the ones remaining are now overcrowded with migrants (“Currently, we are noting that the number of inmates, which has been dropping for years, has now very strongly increased, due to refugees”, Guido Wolf, Justice Minster of Baden-Württemberg, in Focus, August 2016).

A psychiatrist tells me that he knows mental institutions where “literally almost every single inmate is a migrant fom one of the Islamic former Soviet republics and from Afghanistan. They got there for dangerous battery or other crimes, and have been found mentally ill and drug-addicted. So they won’t get deported, because that would be inhumane, as in their home countries, they won’t receive proper medical care.

So known “risks” walk the streets, until someone gets killed.

While the manhunt was going on, police Munich tweeted:

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    • That depends on the nation, most of the Eastern European nations learned from their time under Communism and allow people to own weapons for self defense. Given their history with Communism, Fascism and Islam I don’t see the people willingly giving up their firearms. Austria has the beginnings of a good attitude towards private firearm ownership but the rest of Europe is in trouble. In the it they are either liberated or liberate themselves I see a massive change in their attitude3s towards gun ownership.

    • That is now true for all but the USA. For the moment. It is already happening in the UK and well underway in Canada. Sweden? The police have given up and they are moving to Marshal law but not calling it that so they don’t upset anyone who might notice that this is what it is.

      Below, a video of a UK man on a bike wearing a cloth over his face to prove a point about selective enforcement:

      • In Germany, too. Prosecutors and judges have declared that the state is “on the brink” and, speaking of Berlin, that “the rule of law is not functioning anymore in the capital”.

          • Name me one nation in what use[d] to be Western Civilization that still has rule of law with everyone equal before the law?

            Thank you, Richard. There is no harsher or more excoriating condemnation of Western Civilization than that contained in your one single (and very eloquent) question. For the USA, its departure from consistent “rule of law” began (most recently) with Affirmative Action. Any and all opposing arguments are welcome.

            Rule of, and equal application of, THE LAW, remain as irreplaceable keystones of fundamental Constitutional rights.

            From these seemingly, unprepossessing concepts devolve such crucial notions as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Trial by a Jury of One’s Peers, Freedom of (or FROM) Religion, Mandatory Judicial Issue of Search Warrants, Private Property, the Right to Bear Arms (if anything, to protect that same Private Property), along with the absolute right to protect all of the above, “by any means necessary” with those same Second Amendment Rights.

            For any recent arrivals at this website, BAMN (i.e., By Any Means Necessary) is a most abhorrent distortion of this particular notion. This organization’s willing adoption of Antifa-style violence and extralegal methods makes them a node of—”anarchic” is far too generous of a term—chaotic disruption with respect to upholding America’s Constitution.


            Protecting America’s Bill of Rights requires a dedicated adherence to original and explicit (i.e., precisely interpreted) Constitutional law that BAMN shrugs off like uncomfortable, off-season, outerwear.

            People like Yvette Felarca are the new Brownshirts. The Propaganda Media’s willingness to swaddle her, and such violent terrorist filth as BAMN, in the lice-infested rags of “counter-protestors” and other “opposition” elements makes all of them part and parcel of an increasingly culpable, seditious conspiracy.

            Thank goodness for the Internet. Without the contributions of Vlad Tepes Blog, and so many other citizen journalists, there would be little hope for this sort of information to reach the great unwashed uninformed masses.

  1. The question is of course, [is] how [it] comes that an insane person, who has got previous convictions, is allowed to walk the streets freely, putting unsuspecting people at a risk?

    This is all part of the Silent Jihad™ (you saw it here first). Whether or not they arrive legally, “immigrant” Muslims routinely put a much greater load on local social services.

    Be it due to chronic unemployment as part of a general refusal to assimilate, “lawfare” by Muslims to impose sharia law in their newfound homelands, gynecological complications from FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), medical treatment of spousal abuse (e.g., wife beatings), legal investigation of so-called “honor killings (i.e., murders), diversion of law enforcement to deal with persistent, violent, migrant crime, or the abundant severe physical, immunological, and mental health complications related to consanguineous marriage (i.e., between parallel or ortho first cousins), any arrival of Islam throughout the West directly correlates with increased cost burdens for all of the abovementioned public agencies (and taxpayers). This list could go on for an entire page (or more) but I’m confident that you get the point.

    None of this includes the endemic tax evasion, illicit drug distribution, income under-reporting, gray-or-black-market economies, much less the redirection of zakat (i.e., Islamic tithes) to jihad—as mandated by the Koran. Then there are the health code violations (and animal cruelty) that derive from halal slaughter. Shall we discuss Muslima healthcare workers refusing to bare their arms a part of required pre- and post-operative scrubs that specify to-the-elbow laving?!? A single sepsis outbreak can cost millions of dollars.

    At this time, no detailed mention will be made of the horrors involved when an unsuspecting British public was fed human kebabs remains. Nonetheless, in direct connection the foregoing atrocity, are the Muslim “grooming” gangs that drug-addict and then sexually enslave—almost exclusively Caucasian—young girls who range in age from prepubescent to mere adolescent minors.

    Try to imagine the lengthy and incredibly expensive post-traumatic therapy that these children will require. Then consider how victims of such severe brutality exhibit predictable rates of recidivism with respect to resumed drug use, continued prostitution, and carry-over of physical (or sexual) abuse that continues to drain the coffers of public agencies of almost every stripe. This is a self-perpetuating schema that Islam delights in, even as victim cultures struggle to effect Politically Correct damage control instead of addressing the problem at a root-cause level.

    SIDEBAR: By now, most of this site’s regular readers are well-aware of how I have always subjugated these observations about financial outlay when compared to the human misery involved. It is again mentioned here so that any newcomers to Vlad Tepes Blog will not be able to carry away from this comment any sense of disdain or disregard for human pain and suffering. Be that as it may, this sort of fiscal parasitism is merely another way of killing people, if only by the death of a thousand (bureaucratic) papercuts.

    This precise point returns us to the overarching topic. Namely, be it through terrorist attacks, grooming gangs, everyday street crime, domestic violence, illicit drug distribution, financial fraud, abuse of the legal system, increased medical maintenance outlays, ongoing treatment of long-term recessive trait conditions—or just the fact that more-deserving indigenous Europeans are slipping through the cracks of Socialist healthcare systems that are consistently and disproportionately overburdened by hostile, uncooperative, and subversive Islamic economic tourists—this is just another way to KILL the unbeliever.

    Remember: “The suspect arrested appears to be a local, ethnic-european homeless person. Homeless people in German cities often suffer from untreated severe schizophrenia, and “self-medicate” with alcohol and drug abuse.

    Were Germany’s HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) not being leached of their resources by this Merkel-induced tsunami of Muslim invaders, what was the likelihood that this deranged assailant might have received timely and (potentially) therapeutic care?

    This is the Silent Jihad™ in action. Neither fish nor fowl stealth nor slow, it is Islamic jihad nonetheless and far too many Western governments will experience any meaningful awakening to this fact save until long after these terrorist invaders have drained their monetary reserves like an exsanguinated Eid al-Fitr goat.

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