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8 Replies to “President Donald Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal”

  1. Hezbollah is active in Venezuela and Nicaragua as well as having a very large presence in the Cocaine growing regions where they are busy taking control of the drug growing and refining. Iran is using Hezbollah the same way China is using North Korea, Hezbollah will commit some terror attack and Iran will condemn then while sending more money to them to commit more terror attacks.

  2. My fellow Americans: As President of the United States, my highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people. … History has shown that the longer we ignore a threat, the more dangerous that threat becomes.

    Just these few words alone—much less the several hundred that followed them (in this particular speech)—represent a tectonic shift in executive American Foreign Policy. Especially so with respect to indicting Iran, along with Saudi Arabia, as the principal drivers of global terrorism.

    Many who read these words of mine are well aware that my personal opinion of Donald Trump is less-than-sterling (yet, happily subject to change). Nevertheless, to witness—and, in no uncertain terms, NOT commend—Trump’s outspoken, determined opposition to (and vociferous condemnation of) Iran’s longstanding perpetuation of Antisemitism, Islamic intolerance, and global terrorism would be—on my part—a totally unprincipled ethical, and moral lapse.

    It would be well beyond hypocritical on my part, were I to deny just how refreshing it is to finally hear an American Commander in Chief (after how many decades of flaccid penisia! [NSFW—Time Point 01:10]) make such unmistakable refusals to accept even the slightest mollification of Muslim treachery.

    Trump’s willingness to unequivocally lash out against typical Islamic filth, and place these rogue régimes under the threat of military or nuclear retaliation goes well beyond any and all regular sense of “refreshing”. Any opportunity for Western Civilization to slip out from beneath the horrid and suffocating constraints of EUSSR Political Correctness can only consider to be a YUGE WIN!

    • Trump is a flawed man but is the leader we need at this time. He is determined to protect the US from all enemies foreign and domestic. He is a patriot who is intent on returning us to as close to the dream of the founding fathers as he can during the limited time he will have in the White House. We are going to have to ignore the bad about him to gain the good that he is doing. His legacy will be the conservative Judges that he is appointing to turn the activist Judicial system around and return it to the job of enforcing the laws instead of writing the laws.

      • He is only flawed according to one side of the double standard that is never applied to a democrat.

        Did he kill a woman he was cheating on his wife with? No? Then he is orders of magnitude less flawed than a Kennedy.

        Did he kill a whole slew of people who stood in the way of accumulating money and power? Then he is many more orders of magnitude less flawed than someone else who held the Whitehouse and had a relative by marriage also try for the white house in living memory.

        Did he claim his policies of welfare for black people “would have those Niggers voting democrat for all eternity”, or something extremely close to that?

        I don’t need to go on, everyone here knows all this stuff. Its just that Obama can get the number of states wrong and fly his government jumbo jet over NYC skyscrapers and be beloved for it and Trump can’t do locker room talk without threat of impeachment.

  3. Why is Saudi not pilloried like this?
    They are the real culprits when it comes to Islamist agendas. Iran is only a “threat” to Israel.

    • Good question Patrick. Perhaps the Petro-dollar mechanism remains remains a vulnerability. If the HoS had no leverage they would be long gone for their evil antics. What other strength of consequence have they?.

    • Maybe because the Saudis aren’t developing or in possession of nuclear weapons, are not chanting “Death to America” in the hundreds of thousands every day and twice on Friday, and aren’t firing on US assets in the Gulf region, threatening the world’s energy supplies, and didn’t take over the US embassy and hold the staff hostage in the 70s and its the same government and even people in power now, and the Saudis are not helping the world’s most openly belligerent state, North Korea, to threaten the US and its close neighbours with nuclear annihilation? Other than that I think the US should go for both.

      But from a triage PoV, Iran is the first problem.

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