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7 Replies to “Viktor Orban: “The European Union has failed””

  1. The EU is dead and doesn’t realize that fact, the Bureaucrats are keeping the corpse animated because they don’t want to have to find real jobs. it won’t be long before the corpse will fall and they won’t be able to keep up the illusion of an EU that is still strong and capable.

  2. Re Analysis- I disagree with the fellow about the EU disliking the Catalonia situation. The very opposite may be true. Tearing Spain apart, erasing another border, empowering Islamists who have flooded into that region, providing a launch point within Europe for a powerful battering ram coming from the east–is this not precisely in the leftist EU’s favour?

    • You are right but I stll say the EU is dead, they are on their last legs and everything they do is doing more damage to Europe.

  3. Re Orban- The EU has been trying to dismember the V4 without success. Their fundamental failure is in underestimating the utter revulsion these people have for Islam.

    Now, independently and together, the V4 countries sell their block to the Balkans, Bulgaria, Romania and any others who wish they were in the EU but would be open to a hijrah-free alternative. The population of a block of nations sans western Europe is over half that of traditionally free Europe. V4 economic performance is stronger than the West. Companies continue to pour manufacturing dollars into these countries to exploit cheaper labour and weaker unions. Unless the fat, indebted West reinvents itself, these scrappy upstarts may offer real competition to an EU with a Central/Eastern European Union (CEEU). Perpetuating the Juncker, Merkel et al smug superiority is to advantage. Indeed, stroke their egos while quietly forming a competing block of free nations. Agree to a European army in theory for it cost nothing yet. Proclaim EU solidarity while looking east for it cost nothing. Do business with Turkey and Iran to survive, take their money, but take no migrants.

    Makes sense to me.

    • Good comment, Johnnyu. The V4 is an island, nay, a fortress, of hope amidst the gathering gloom in much of the rest of Europe.

  4. Viktor Orban: “The European Union has failed

    That there might be naïfs for whom this pronouncement could be whatever sort of (supposedly) amazing “reveal” is stark testimony to the complicity of Euro-Mainstream-Media’s role in concealing, voluntarily misreporting, and bald-faced, flat-out lying about the past decade(s) of EU economic manipulation, malfeasance, and just plain idiocy. See: Ridiculous EU rules that Britain has to adhere to: Six of the worst.

    Only the EU’s self-manufactured “immigration” crisis exceeds this monetary issue in terms of overall scope and sheer depth of pure evil. While the regulatory lunacy of Brussels potentially could be overcome in a relatively peaceful manner, the recent bureaucratically-facilitated invasion of Europe by Third World economic tourists cannot promise anything but a catastrophically violent upheaval.

    All that remains to be seen is which group emerges (more) intact from this—legalistic, quasi-religious, and demographic bottleneck. In an atypical (for me) outburst of Malthusian pessimism, I hereby declare that well-documented Muslim overpopulation strategies (e.g., four broodmares wives per husband) represent a knowing and intentionally unsustainable drain upon (supposedly shared) nation-based, and worldwide environmental or economic resources.

    The CENTRAL point being that Muslims have ZERO intention of equitably sharing global assets with all others, much less even just the many other less-well-known sects of Islam itself. This means that soon-to-arise international issues of water poverty and food security (i.e., scarcity) will, at best, be mere levers that these same violent, criminally structured groups will attempt to control.

    As in, where is it written that this planet’s population is supposed to tolerate—much less endure the inordinate diversion of resources (especially water and food) represented by—Islam’s feckless and intentionally calibrated effort to constrain resources, be they petroleum-based or otherwise?

    It is ridiculous to imagine that (the non-Muslim) 75% of this planet’s population is somehow obliged to endure a hyper-violent, intransigent group’s contention that their unrestrained conduct—be it barbaric terrorism, institutionalized misogyny, or intensive demographic displacement—without eventually retaliating in a very abrupt and finalistic manner. A supreme irony being that (despite vociferous Muslim denials) Islam’s historic arrival throughout the entire world, with rare exception, has been both abrupt and finalistic.

    Already, Muslim Middle East power-centers are (by sheer economic petrodollar force) expanding their sphere of influence through a global campaign of mega mosque construction. As in, the bigger the better and—in the architectural equivalent of a palimpsest—transmuting commandeering a conspicuous, previously non-Islamic temple of worship is nothing short of ideal.

    As Pat Condell has duly noted, “…every concession to Islam is the thin end of an even bigger wedge”; such that allowing this worldwide anti-Western network of indoctrination centers to be built is merely a precursor to the introduction of sharia law and eventual theocratic domination.

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