Geopolitics: North Korea, Syria, Turkey, Israel, USA,

1 Turkey begins its operations in Idlib amidst the possibility of dissolving the liberation of Syria itself (Google translate of the title of the video below)

2. Armored personnel carrier and military vehicles deployed at Reyhanl? border

(These Turkish videos need to be viewed with the current US-Turkish conflict in mind. Turkey and the US have started shutting down components of diplomatic relations such as visa issuance and more.)


SYRIA – 40 Turkish officers entered Syria escorted by Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham commanders to take strategic points

3. Turkey issues detention warrant for 2nd US consulate worker (RT, Oct 9, 2017)

Ankara has issued a detention warrant for a second US consulate worker, according to media reports. It comes after Turkey’s justice minister urged the US to reverse its decision to suspend visas for Turkish citizens.

Turkish authorities announced, without giving a reason, that a second employee of the US consulate in Istanbul had been “invited” to the city’s chief prosecutor’s office to testify, AP reported.

Reports say the employee is a Turkish citizen, and the prosecutor’s office said his wife and child have also been detained for questioning.

4. U.S. ambassador breaks with State Dept. policy: ‘I think the settlements are part of Israel’

In his first on-camera interview since taking up his position this year, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman declared that only 2 percent of the West Bank is occupied and that settlements are part of Israel, sparking angry reaction from Palestinians.


Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat described the interview with the Israeli news site Walla on Thursday as the “latest attempt by Freidman to “advocate and validate the Israeli government’s policies of occupation and annexation.” The U.S. ambassador had previously referred to Israel’s “alleged occupation” of the West Bank.


5. Homeland Security Uncovers Massive Immigration Failures. The devastating consequences for national security

6. Israel-Iran conflict in Syria reaching point of no return.

7. National consultation on Soros Plan starts next week:


8. Trump meets with military brass as “calm before the storm”

Dear readers. PLEASE search the comments under the Reader’s Links post today for more. This is a small sample of some of the news which shows real issues, both in terms of our ficus of interest, and more standard geopolitical matters which begin to electrify the atmosphere.

All discussion and links and insight appreciated.

Many have contributed today, and I am still deep in unfinished subtitled videos, but please know we here at VladTepesBlog appreciate everyone’s consistent and discriminating efforts to post the links we need to know.



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  1. The Kinetic phase of WWIII is approaching a rapidly increasing rate, Italy is about to explode, Britain is about o explode and the rest of Europe will quickly follow suit. Turkey and the US are about to break diplomatic relations which will give Erdogan a freer hand in his quest to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Israel and Iran are on the edge of open warfare as are Saudi and Iran. (God help Jordan in this mess). China and North Korea are about to provoke a military response in the Far East. Iran is moving Hezbollah into Venezuela and other South American nations. I am sure I have missed one or more flash points that are currently boiling.

    • The Turk is behaving increasingly erratically:

      _• Went to Kiev to kiss up to Ukraine – hello?
      _• Uncle Vlad, as well as turko- Crimean- types, are going – like wth?
      _• Relations with Germany, et al., are close to rock-bottom. NATO is scratching around, kinda dazed. (According to Israeli observers who know about efforts to relocate to Jordan.)
      _• Friendlier with Iran than ever, Gulf states are going – like wth?

      He’s just looking crazy.

        • Martin, this is very weird. My Russki’s son was watching this in real time.

          Ok. Let’s do Uncle Vlad.
          Everybody’s running to him, crying, ”Help!”

          But the interests compete, he’s finding himself in a bind. Makes friendly noises, but is seen as weak. Well sure, since the model has been the US hegemon. He simply doesn’t have the resources to play one against the other.

          His officers detest the Shitte militias [IRGC] even more than the twisted-raghead Persians. The Saudis have started to pay him off, I think, making it look like arms deals. Gotta be good, ‘cause he hates them with a passion that’s personal.

          He’ll pick up scraps. Either threaten weak NATO or play white Christian savior to traumatized Euros. Or both. Now this berserk Turk? Can he be teased into punishing Europe some more? That’s always fun.

          Relations with China are relatively friendly at the moment. If it strikes his fancy, and if Xi makes it worth his while, he’ll play with Nork. Cheating on sanctions goes without saying. Act like the major player on the cheap, say, at the fake negotiating table.

          He’s got major jihadi grief. ISIS rats in the heartland and thick in his near-abroad. We pay little attention to mass mayhem in that theatre. Just about everyday there’s an attack or big-bust, close-call.

          Russians still adore him. They KNOW he feeds them fantasy-news, but that’s what they expect. Baghdadi has 8 lives? They laugh each time he’s killed.

          As long as the Russian body-count stays low.

            • I used “ISIS” as a generic. It’s a whole slew of Salafi vermin.

              Too right, you sweet young thing!
              (Especially the “vermin” part.)

              Let’s please adopt a common vernacular.

              ISIS works just fine.

      • He furned the NATO bridge before he knew he had someone else to cover his back, now he is buys trying to get new allies to help him rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Lots of luck whit Putin and Iran both pissed.

        NATO needs to move to Jordan to find a semi friendly base of operations in the Middle East. This is going to be an interesting Century.

    • Martin found this in the Saudi government’s Arab News.
      => Saudi Arabia’s pay-off to Uncle Vlad: _We’ll call off the Dogs_
      MOSCOW: Saudi Arabia has dismissed several thousand imams from mosques for spreading extremism, Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told Russian journalists in Moscow on Sunday.

      “We will not let anyone spread the ideology of hatred, to finance that kind of ideology or terrorism….

      Al-Jubeir said Riyadh would cooperate with Moscow in the fight against terrorism, and many militants from both countries were fighting with Daesh.

      “They pose a threat to our countries and to other states, where they come from. So we have a strong interest in cooperation.”

      The foreign minister also accused Qatar of financing terrorism in an attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries.…
      This same piece of work, Adel Al-Jubeir, tried to blackmail Putin on the eve of the Sochi Olympics in 2014. He came to Russia with a threat: either drop your support for Assad or watch your expensive Olympics drown in blood.

      Madrassas throughout Russia and her near-abroad are festering pockets of corruption, planted over the last several decades. All funded and directed by the Gulf monarchies. An IED on the hoof, just as deliberate as that. Turn it off or turn it on, this the Saudis claimed they could do at will.

      Perhaps al-Jubeir had second thoughts after the meeting. Or maybe Putin’s security was impenetrable. The moment passed.

      Such a display of ignorant arrogance is almost inexplicable. Vladimir Putin is not only a chess master judoka, he’s the runt street-child from the meanest of streets. Al-Jubeir’s approach marks his own character: a jumped-up barbarian, a Muslim supremacist sand devil.

      It isn’t even specific to Putin, it’s Russia 101. John Quincy Adams, the first American ambassador to Russia repeated a saying that was already familiar to diplomats at the top of the 19th century: [paraphrasing] Only a fool pokes the Bear that walks like a Man.

      Uncle Vlad’s little eyes have been glittering, his smile full shark as he accepts tribute from a subdued, would-be Master of the Universe.

        • Yeah, well, Iran slipped the leash. It’s got to be put down. Together with its repulsive Eastern playmate.

          No, Putin sold the S400 to Iran for cold cash, none of the old Soviet largesse. Strictly business – as it’s done in the souk. He tried to pass off a newer model S300, but couldn’t get away with it. Then he wouldn’t hand over till paid in full.

          Till we paid for it. 0’s Nuke Deal was a front-loaded, hard money bonanza for the Islamic Republic.

          [I hope you read Caroline Glick’s analysis yesterday. She cuts right to the bone, much more incisive than Bolton or Oren. As a former intelligence officer, she’s been closer to the technical specifics than the former ambassadors.]

          Funny thing about a lot of these billion-dollar arms contracts: they can evolve like the ‘mission accomplished’ killing of Baghdadi. Statements, public gestures. Then they’re delayed, sometimes indefinitely. Or whittled down to a fraction. I bet the recently announced Saudi contract for the S400 is not all it seems.

          Same goes for money pledged for some cause or other. It never materializes. Sometimes it’s diverted, but more often it was just a magnanimous moment. A fake pledge to feed Rohingya jihadis.

          The Turk does it a lot. So does that wretched weasel Qatar. They’re even worse: they bring in contract labor and don’t pay the slave-wages in the contracts.

  2. The Turk does it a lot. So does that wretched weasel Qatar.

    Redundant, capisce?

    They’re even worse: they bring in contract labor and don’t pay the slave-wages in the contracts.

    Just one more reason to nuke them back to the stone age. Absent the guest workers, please.

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