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5 Replies to “Another harsh video from Italy, 2015, where its pretty clear they are near a point of serious violence”

  1. They aren’t too far from a major upraising by the Italians, I hope they have the organization to keep from being wiped out.

  2. Loved the Italian realists… Hope they have the manpower to take charge
    The video “could not be played” after the half way point & I couldn’t get it to restart

  3. Some very plain and much needed language in this video.

    The invaders should take heed because this is what awaits them.

    Of course, they won’t and this will precipitate the exact sort of violence that Muslims are so fond of.

    Just not in their favor.

  4. The Italians and the rest of Europe decided to stop having children. Where are the young ones; the one’s who actually could defend their country and heritage? Everyone that expressed rage in this clip was over 60. Doesn’t look good for the home team.

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