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3 Replies to “Columbus would have never left for the new world if the Muslims had not made trade with India impossible”

  1. Only Mozlems and Dhimwits claim Islam as the “Religion of Peace”.
    [True Peace is freely given… it is not forced. Islam is about submission and force!]

    The First problem lies in the Mozlem’s definition of the word “Peace”…

    (1.) “Peace” in Muhammadanism means No more Fitnah in the world. (Disbelievers with the ability to struggle against Islam)
    According to Muhammadanism, “Peace” or ‘Dar al-Salam’ will only be obtained when there is a worldwide Ummah, when the entire world is suffering under the oppressive yoke of Islam, either as a ‘believer’ or as a non-believer Dhimmi who pays the Jizyah tax (‘Protection Money’ of 30% or more annually) or as a slave.

    (2.) The Second problem lies in the fact that: Anyone of any other Muslim Sect are considered to be apostate or ‘murtadeen’ (not really ‘Muslim’). Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all of the different sects hate and kill each other and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”.

    (3.) Therefore, the Third problem lies in the fact that, until there is only one remaining Sect, and the entire world is under the oppression of Islam, the so-called “Peace of Islam” is impossible. Nevertheless, even then, there will be the constant “Honor Killings” and other oppressions against women, gays, dhimmis, and slaves. There will still be pedophilia, rape, torture, incest, stoning, beheading, domestic abuse, men seeking revenge for personal matters, such as a women’s refusal of marriage is often grounds for an acid attack against the woman and even her family, if a man is sufficiently ‘indignant’.

    However as it goes now, and for the last 1400 years, Islam is waging continuous war on the entire world.
    But, in the meantime, they don’t mind themselves coming here, disrespecting OUR Religion and our Constitution and our Laws and our way of life… and murdering us!
    It is a Muhammadan Mafia that masquerades as a religion while engaged in unending terrorism and genocidal conquest!

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