Canadian postmodern, and anti-Western propaganda after jihad attack in Edmonton

You probably should pour a drink before you watch this one.

CBC made a video to run damage control for the Muslims after the Alberta jihad attack where one of the panelists, all of whom, in classic CBC format, are on one side and of one goal, actually dared to claim that the attack, in part, happened because people are jealous that we have Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. Seriously. The attack happened because of jealousy because Canada has Trudeau and he is so great.

At this point it is worth making an important distinction.

Despite CBC’s annual government Hand out of over one billion dollars, or a Carl Sagan as we like to say, it is not at all a government mouth piece. The CBC, is the Liberal Party propagandist, and the Liberal Party happens to be the government at this time. So that helps make sense of the extraordinary video you are about to watch, where a Muslim attacks police near a football game for Islamic jihad, and somehow it becomes about how great Trudeau is, the “diversity” of Canada, and by the end, the real problem. Right wing Canadians who might do the eternally predicted, and never actually happened, backlash.

Here is the Rebel’s take on the CBC’s actual coverage of the terrorist attack in Edmonton.

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4 Replies to “Canadian postmodern, and anti-Western propaganda after jihad attack in Edmonton”

  1. CBC Panel
    This is the Star Trek episode where they land on a planet where half the population has been affected by a mental media-generated virus and have gone insane to the point of their own destruction. ISIS murders someone in Edmonton and they’re just so worried about the backlash, even though there never is one even though there darn well should be. And the guy with the glasses… If he loves this country so very very much why doesn’t he love it enough to stop lying his head off and admit that there is plenty of violence aimed specifically at Christians and Jews in the Holy Quran? Why does he insult our intelligence by telling such an enormous and easily disprovable lie, right to our faces? To me that’s nothing but a great big, “Fuck you, Infidel!”.

    The only things that those idiots think are worth worrying about are climate change and the far far right, and both are complete fantasies. If Mr. Spock doesn’t find a cure for the virus, these poor people are going to destroy themselves…

    • Chris – “These poor people are going to destroy themselves…” is certainly true. The problem is that they are going to take you and the country you love with them.

    • Yes they are going to be removed from the gene pool, civilization is falling but the people who live through the war are going to be better suited to be the parents of the coming generations.

      • That’s probably true. The idiots are marching off a cliff and proud to do so. It’s amazing. If just once a gay leftist activist would look at the video of the Muslims throwing the gay guys off the top of the building instead of throwing their hands up in the air and saying, “Oh, I just refuse to think about such hateful stuff!”, there wouldn’t be a pro-Islamic lefty or feminist on the planet, but they just will not allow themselves to look at the truth. They have real blinders on.

        Actually, I’m too nice. They don’t have blinders on. They’re all gutless traitors in the employ of the Goddamn enemy! Let’s face it. They can’t be as stupid as they’re pretending to be…

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