More violent or potentially violent protests between those for the rule of law, and globalists

What is interesting about this first one from Quebec, is that the group they describe as “far-right” is wearing masks and appears to be more prepared for violent confrontation than most free speech groups, or groups that wish to keep the standard laws and regulations for immigration than we normally see.

I would put this up to the extremely consistent and also extremely deceptive main-stream reporting on all such groups and events. The logical consequence of calling genuine liberals, “far right extremists” and calling actual stalinists, communists, and fascists ready to attack anyone they call a Nazi, and call anyone a Nazi that isn’t one of them, is sooner or later you create the thing you asked for. So these may be more hard core. Always best to listen to the moderate voices and properly represent them while you can.

Meanwhile in Sweden, it appears that the good folks of Gothenburg have about had it with ANTIFA thuggery and started to fight back.

Much of the video below is in English.

Description of video:

This is something I thought I would never see. Ordinary Swedish citizens getting enough of Antifa throwing rocks and take matters into their own hands.





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  1. I regret to suggest that positive results may well require a large number of these “black bloc” types assuming room temperature—in order to make a significant change in these confrontations.

    However encouraging, recent increases of police arrests of these Antifa thugs simply have not had an adequate influence in these matters.

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