AfD: “Our Political Enemies Are Planting A Seed Of Violence”

Berlin – Excerpts from the Federal press conference yesterday, with AfD’s Alexander Gauland, Alice Weidel, and Jörg Meuthen.

On other parties’ accusations of AfD being “Nazis”, Jörg Meuthen says that this rhetoric is planting a seed of violence which, for example, led to his partner and her daughter being physically attacked on Sunday.
Alexander Gauland explains what he meant at Sunday’s election, when he said “We will chase Merkel” and “We are going to take our country back” (see our report here). Not that it needs much explanation to any sensible person; but as the media and the Left are not sensible, apparently a lot of people thought he literally wanted to chase Merkel around the Bundestag with a bow and arrow.
Gauland also says there haven’t been parliamentary debates in the German Bundestag for years, decisions were just “rubberstamped, and that he wants to see real debates return to the Bundestag.
Alice Weidel says law is breached since 2015; she wants to see Germany return to the rule of law.

This is, by the way, the very same press conference that Frauke Petry had walked out yesterday, see our report here.
Update: Just while we are writing this, an uncomfirmed news report comes in that Frauke Petry is leaving the AfD. We will keep you informed.

Video: “AfD members and families attacked by opponents

3 Replies to “AfD: “Our Political Enemies Are Planting A Seed Of Violence””

  1. This is happening in all Western Nations and is a deliberate act designed to frighten the political enemies of lett. We are seeing a civil war start in all nations, in the US the police (in most locations anyway) aren’t helping one side by arresting the other side. They are not enforcing the laws on either side, this creating the disrespect for all laws and setting us up to massive continued violence as gangs on both sides hunt for members of the other side to beat up and eventually murder. This chaos will probably last years before one side wins. By the time a clear victor emerges we will be back into a barbaric culture where tribal membership is more important then gulty or innocence when people are on trial for crimes. In an armed society the left has no chance of winning but most ot them think thye can ride the Tiger of violence and force the authorities to support them and oppress their political enemies. BULL the more the rule of law deteriorates the more the police are going to join in the return to tribal culture.

  2. FOOTBALL – Dortmund Releases Anti-Nazi Video, Opposes Rise of Far Right AfD Party

    Borussia Dortmund have released a viral video on social media condemning the rise of Germany’s far right nationalist AfD party after it gained its first parliamentary seats in country’s election, as well as preaching togetherness and a fight against racism.

    Incumbent chancellor Angel Merkel was re-elected for a fourth term, but her CDU-CSU performed relatively poorly and the AfD took 13% of the vote, making them the third most popular party overall – equating to an estimated 88 seats in the federal parliament.

    AfD, who have promised to fight what they see as an ‘invasion of foreigners from a different culture’, saw support rise after Germany opened borders to help migrants and refugees in 2015.

    Dortmund are firmly standing against the rise of the far right.

    The club published a video via social media on Sunday night in which Nazis were depicted attempting to play football. It was intended to make fun of their comical and failed efforts, with the tag-line, “Football and Nazis just do not fit together.”

    A further line also then read, “Borussia connects. Together against racism.”


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