We will chase Mrs. Merkel, and we will take our country and our people back!”, this is how Alexander Gauland comments the AfD’s triumphant result in today’s German Bundestag elections.

The young immigration and Islam critical party, that was only founded in 2013, came in third with 13% in the western German states, second even, with 21%, in the former East German states and in east Berlin.

AfD top candidates Alexander Gauland, Alice Weidel at the election party in Berlin


The absolute number of seats in the coming Bundstag (source: F.A.Z.). Red triangles indicate losses, green triangles indicate gains, compared to 2013’s elections.

Results in percentage. The paler bars are the 2013 Bundestag election results for comparison (source: F.A.Z.):

The losers are Germany’s traditionally largest parties, who have been ruling since the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany: SPD (Social Democrats) and Union (CDU+CSU).

Comparison to 2013 Bundestag elections results, source: Welt.

The slight gain for both the Greens and Die Linke (the former East German dictatorial party) is surprising. Observers were expecting to see at least the Greens drop below 5%, now that the devastating financial and security problems caused by the migrant crisis are becoming impossible to ignore. But apparently, the radical left will not be convinced by facts.

With today being the Union’s worst result in their history ever, widely attributed to Merkel’s refugee policies, observers do not think that Merkel will be able to politically survive the next four years. The CDU, and particularly the CSU, will in all likelihood try to get rid of her, to prevent an even worse result in 2021.

The CSU, whose results contribute a significant part of the Union’s overall 32%, dropped from 49% (2013) to 38.5% in Bavaria, and have already announced a sharp turn to the right:
“We had an open flank on the right. It will be crucial to close this flank in the next weeks” comments CSU chief Horst Seehofer.

Merkel and top CSU politicians – her guarantors to power – at yesterday’s catastrophic speech in Munich, which saw Merkel humiliated by the crowd. Her allies will probably try to get rid of her soon.

These will be interesting four years for Germany. It seems safe to say at this point that the country will take a turn to the right. Just like in the USA, the left will probably not accept democratic results and resort to civil unrest.

It appears that protesters in Berlin are already initiating violence in a clash outside at the AfD election party.

20 minutes ago at 9:45 local time, leftist protesters in Leipzig tried to storm the town hall of Leipzig, where votes are still being counted, and where the AfD is holding their election party.

Berlin: violent protesters outside the AfD election party

Leipzig: Protesters tried to storm the town hall

Anti AfD protesters in Leipzig

update: protests in Frankfurt, too

“All of Frankfurt hates the AfD”, like the poster claims, or rather a thousand delusional protesters?

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  1. Oh , the sweet sound of wailing and gnashing teeth , the occasional media-head exploding , music to my ears 🙂 I hear there’s counseling available , snowflakes are having meltdowns all over the place , get ready with the mops too . And a big thank you to all the afas and other leftist stormtroopers for confirming what became increasingly clear up the election and wich is manifesting itself at this very moment : the very concept of free , democratic elections appears to be completely wasted on these benighted dimwitts…..

    • Oh , the sweet sound of wailing and gnashing teeth , the occasional media-head exploding , music to my ears…

      And a sweet serenade to my own aural timpani as well…

      All the same, please pardon me, but is that everything you’ve fecking got?!!!

      Merkel and her entire ex-Stasi crew deserve the sort of interminable cruelty that polite speech cannot possibly describe, much less manage to accurately detail with even the most imaginatively polite language. AS IF!!!

  2. DAILY MAIL – Anti-fascist protests break out in Germany as far-right party enters parliament for the first time after voters punish Merkel at the ballot box

    Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party won most votes with 32.5 per cent support, exit polls say

    Far-right Alternative For Germany won 13.5 per cent and will enter the German parliament for the first time

    Thousands of protesters took to the streets to denounce the result, chanting slogans about ‘Nazi pigs’

    Merkel’s coalition partner, the SPD, polled at historic low and said they will not serve in the new government

    SPD leader Matin Schulz admitted that decision to let in millions of migrants had divide the nation

  3. Germany: Merkel vows to win back AfD voters

    Re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to regain Alternative fur Deutschland voters after the party won some 13 percent of the electorate and gained their first ever seats in parliament, Sunday.

    Speaking in Berlin Merkel said that winning the party’s voters back was one of the ‘big’ challenges she faces in her chancellorship, a post she was first elected to in 2005.

    “We will conduct a thorough analysis since we want to win back the AfD’s voters by solving problems, by accepting their concerns and listening to their fears but, above all else, with good policy,” she told her supporters.

    • Mass deportation of the hundreds of thousands of the culture-enriching migrants that she invited into Germany might be a good way for her to win over AfD voters. But somehow I suspect that she is unlikely to take such an action.

        • They will be voters in the next election.

          Whose registration polls will serve as a bounty-hunting lists for all surviving indigenous Germans (and other Europeans).

          Soon enough, the once admirable Western characteristic of mercy will be viewed—much like Islam’s own ridiculous pretense of “tolerance”—as a useless and inhibitive trait.

          Woe betide those Muslims who have yet to evacuate Western lands when that realization becomes common knowledge.

          • I think (and certainly hope) that you may be right about non-muslim Westerners abandoning the trait of mercy as impractical and ineffective against islam. My fear though, is that by that point in time there will be simply too many muslims in our nations for non-muslims to prevail.

            • It is coming and faster then you think, the big question is when. The US is going to be forced to attack North Korea in the near future and that is probably when the Moslems in Europe start taking over cities. That is when the Europeans are going to start fighting back, probably starting with forcibly removing their socialist governments.

          • Woe betide those Muslims who have yet to evacuate Western lands when that realization becomes common knowledge

            I have always said that once the Europeans wake up they will drive the invaders back into the sea, and probably at locations where there aren’t any ships.

    • Re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to regain Alternative fur Deutschland voters after the party won some 13 percent of the electorate and gained their first ever seats in parliament, Sunday.

      Good luck with that shit, you treasonous Stasi sow!

      Lead poisoning would be a kindness that this worthless anti-Western Commie scumbag parasite should have not the least hope of deserving. Her East German legacy of tiled-room torture chambers and 4:00 AM knocks-on-the-door all point toward car batteries and piano wire as the most appropriate measures for dealing with her worthless Globalist filth.

      The mere fact that this hateful, slimebag, Communist apparatchik allowed Germany to slip from the grasp of its voters bespeaks betrayal on a scale that simply defies all imagination. None of which can possibly absolve the guilt of Germany’s electorate. Please review George Orwell’s succinct observation as to how:

      A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.

      This is, perhaps, the harshest lesson that Socialist Europe’s people have yet to learn. As with America’s own unwavering bipartisan electorate, knee-jerk casting of ballots for political parties which continually oppose the voters’ will is merely a frontispiece for the more basic text that spells out self-hatred, Soviet-style demoralization, and worst-of-all classic self-loathing.

      All of which entrenches irrevocable defeat at an inconceivable level.

      In an ultimate note of irony, this election win should best serve as Merkel’s final knell.

  4. They say that there is a very special place in Hell for those who sell out their own country, especially to something that is pure evil… You know what I mean, right!

  5. Grüne sagen AfD den Kampf an: “Nazis und Rassisten werden im Bundestag sitzen”
    Auf der Wahlparty von der Partei Bündnis 90/Die Grüne herrschte in Reaktion auf die auf die ersten Hochrechnungen zu den deutschen Bundestagswahlen lauter Jubel. Der Co-Vorsitzende der Partei, Cem Özdemir, betonte, dass Deutschland trotz des guten Ergebnisses Deutschland nun ein anderes Land sei, da Leute, die den Holocaust leugnen, nun im Bundestag Platz nähmen. Deshalb haben die “demokratischen Parteien” die gemeinsame Aufgabe, dafür zu arbeiten, die Teilung der Gesellschaft zu überwinden.

    Mit den Worten bezog er sich auf den Einzug der Alternative für Deutschland in den Bundestag. Laut aktueller Hochrechnung wird die konservative Partei 13 Prozent der Wählerstimmen einfahren, was bedeutet, dass sie 80-90 Sitze im Bundestag erhalten wird. Die Grünen liegen derzeit bei 8,9 Prozent.

    Auch Spitzenkandidatin Katrin Göring-Eckardt erklärte der AfD den Kampf: “Die AfD und damit Nazis und Rassisten werden im deutschen Bundestag sitzen. […] Wir werden keine einzige Parole, keinen einzigen Angriff auf die Demokratie, keinen einzigen Angriff auf unser Grundgesetz stehenlassen!”

  6. observers do not think that Merkel will be able to politically survive the next four years.

    She will be lucky if she physically survives the next 4 years. WWIII is ab out to go Kinetic but it will be with a few exceptions like North Korea it will be confined to Europe and the Middle East for a couple of years then spread around the world.

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