North Korea, burning mosques, grooming gangs and more: Links 1, Sept. 26, 2017

1. Black Pigeon speaks on North Korea.

(I left this comment at the Youtube Channel. Any argument or additional thoughts welcome)


Really good analysis. But one potential axiomatic error. Geopolitics does not apply where there is an ideological component, as there is in North Korea. If NORK was not a communist prison state, and the harshest totalitarian/authoritarian state, possibly of all time, it would be buying and selling like all other nations and enjoying the same lifestyle as South Koreans.

If it was a geopolitical issue, there would be no difference between North and South Korea as the geography is nearly identical.

But it is not. Hitler was closer to a classical geopolitical actor, as Germany has a history of either being married to France, or at war with it. Hitler’s military actions were not that unusual for German history. But it was his socialist ideological component that ruined him and his ambitions.

Same with Russia. Expansionism in the interests of connecting dots and defending indefensible borders drove the Czars, communists and Putin to virtually the same actions. But communism made the Soviets both more of a threat, as it was about global manifest destiny, and less of one, as communism was such a shitty system that it can’t possibly prevail all other factors being as they were.

Kim’s actions are actually biting his thumb at geopolitical forces, and this is why his people are starving, and this is why he must create an American threat that would prefer not to be there. It is what unifies his people who otherwise would be rioting in the streets for a chance at a ham sandwich.

Imagine if he tried this same sort of brinkmanship with Russia or China. How long would it last?


2. More and profound evidence that Bell, (along with Rogers) is the Evil Empire.

  1. Bell refuses to submit a report on the privacy of its internet subscribers.
  2. Bell wants to ban the use of VPN’s, which encrypt traffic, on its network, likely because it means they cannot mine people’s traffic for one purpose or another, all of them bad.
  3. Bell was the loudest voice against net neutrality, because they wished to be able to manipulate bandwidth to their competitors like Netflix, in order to force people to their own services like Five TV.

3. Vatican blocks petition for pope heresy initiative

(ANSA) – Vatican City, September 25 – The Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See has blocked access to a petition accusing Pope Francis of heresy in his 2016 document Amoris Laetitia – The Joy of Love, sources said Monday. The website with the petition,, can be reached, but it cannot be signed from inside the Vatican.

    The petition is linked to a 25-page letter by conservative Catholics delivered to the pope in August issuing him a “filial correction” – a measure they said was being using for the first time since the 14th century – over the document, which opens up the possibility of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receiving communion.

4. A good read on the infection of sports culture by postmodernism.

One paragraph needs to be posted:

But the conditions of this world have already changed too much for sadness to be the overriding concern.  The roller coaster has engaged, and truth is more important now.  I can live without pro football (or – and this seems to be coming next – pro basketball, or major league baseball).  But I can’t live without the truth.

For those looking for hope on this level, I strongly recommend the movie, Baseketball, by the people who make South Park.

5. Pharmacist ‘showed child beheading video and said Isis were not bad people’.

Zameer Ghumra allegedly told the children they would have to recruit for Isis to stay in the UK.

A Leicester man attempted to “indoctrinate” two boys by showing them beheading videos on his phone, a court heard. The man also told the school-age children that members of Isis were not “bad people”.


Zameer Ghumra, a 38-year-old pharmacist, allegedly taught the children how to “survive a bomb attack” and fight with knives, the BBC reported. He is accused of disseminating “terrorist propaganda” in the form of a graphic Twitter video on his mobile phone from January 2013 to September 2014.

6. What is the EU? A video worth reposting:

For a much greater understanding of who the speaker is, search Diana West’s website for anything on Vladimir Bukovsky, who spent a long time in UK prisons on trumped up charges because he was seen as a threat to the new EUSSR.

7. Here is quite a thorough article about another sex slave gang in the UK, except with zero names or descriptions of the sex slavers whatsoever. It is admitted that they target young white girls, and compared to Rochdale. But they dare not say the motive or suspect’s identities, ethnicities or possible group affiliations of any kind.

A PROBE has been launched into an alleged grooming ring targeting teenagers in Glasgow’s city centre.


Girls as young as 14 are thought to have been targeted by men hanging around the four corners area of the city – at the junction of Argyle Street and Union Street.


Officers are investigating the claims after relatives of one of the victims contacted the authorities.


A social work source told the Evening Times the area is “rife” with child exploitation problems.


One of the victims, a 17-year-old girl, is understood to have been taken to houses in Govanhill and Dennistoun for sex with multiple men, but believes the man who took her there was her boyfriend.

8. Sri Lankan monks force UN safe house full of Muslims fleeing Burma to relocate.

SRI LANKA – Monk-led mob attacks Rohingya refugees in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO: Radical Buddhist monks stormed a United Nations safe house for Rohingya refugees near Sri Lanka’s capital on Tuesday (Sep 26) and forced authorities to relocate the group, officials said.

Saffron-robed Buddhist monks led a mob that broke down gates and entered the walled multi-storied compound at the Mount Lavinia suburb of Colombo as frightened refugees huddled together in upstairs rooms, a police official said.

Two police were wounded in the incident, which also saw the mob pelt stones at the safe house and trash the ground floor furnishings upon entry.

There were no reports of casualties among the group of refugees, which included 16 children.

“We have pushed back the mob and the refugees have been relocated in a safer place,” the official told AFP, asking not to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

“This is my country. Go back to Myanmar”

Its almost like these buddhists are aware of the history of Buddhist nations that have been invaded by muslims in the past. Brahman Buddha statues anyone?

Check out this interview with the fellow in Denmark who was assaulted by an American far left wing violent extremist because he was wearing a MAGA hat. Video of assault and interview at this link.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., EB., MissPiggy, NorseRadish, Richard, Perfect Child, Xanthippa, Tundra Tabloids, and all who sent in such good and important materials today.

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  1. Interesting.

    The AfD stuff below is particularly catalyzing. I just cannot for the life of me figure out what to think of the AfD situation. I can’t find it in my heart to be optimistic about their 13% because the idea that that is all they are getting when Germany is on the cusp of death is just crazy. Yet on the other hand there are definitely people in the party who seem very smart and capable.

    Whether or not they themselves are a force to be rooted for, I absolutely do not believe the Merkel government would ever allow them to get more than about 18%. They already harass the heck out of AfD members and voters through the NGO-supported Antifas over there, and I don’t think they would be above outright electoral fraud at all.

    The fact that Merkel will get a fourth term as chancellor is depressing, however its probably appropriate as well. Let her take all the historical credit for Germany’s fault. Eventually her name can become a byword, like *Quisling* has become, only for committing group suicide or purposefully destroying something of great beauty and history.

    • You can bet that the election was rigged by the left to at least 5% which means AfD got MINIMUM 18.5% and probably way more as the postal votes are so brutally rigged that Austria actually had a recount and annulled their previous election over the mass fraud.

      • Very good point. The Austria elections looked outrageous and the first one at least confirmed the voter fraud thing.

        (as if importing millions of Muslims into your country to vote your party wasn’t electoral fraud already)

  2. Govanhill is the constituency of Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish First Minister.
    She had better do something or the SNP will be as tarred as the Labour Party was over the English grooming scandals.

    • Whilst that may be true the place is rife with child prostitution, and has been for years. That is no defence of Sturgeon. I cannot stand her. The Roma sell the kids to the pakistanis , who generally are the slum landlords. In fact a local lad was telling me last week how his cousin was saying a flat near him has a red and blue light in the window. Red for a girl available, blue for boy.
      I have heard many different stories from many sources. The benefits of multicuralism are well knoen in Govanhill yet many in Glasgow keep trying to polish a turd.

      • An article from 2016 about Govanhill. An excerpt:
        “Ms Jordan believes that politicians, social workers and police officers are ignoring serious criminal behaviour within the Roma community in Govanhill for fear of being seen as racist.

        She said: “You cannot allow criminals doing criminal acts to hide behind their ethnicity because that’s not fair on the whole of Govanhill and its not fair on the rest of that particular community. I am talking about rape, muggings, theft and antisocial behaviour. This label ‘racist’ has been used to silence people.

        “There are left wing luvvies operating in Govanhill who are doing very well out of the poverty cottage industry in direct receipt of funding from the Scottish Government. They are unwilling to put their head above the parapet and say this is not okay.”

        Crime figures released after a Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland show there have been 1,641 serious violent crimes since 2010 in Glasgow South East, the area command which includes Govanhill.

        There have also been a number of serious sexual crimes in the area in recent years, including a vicious rape in 2014 which led to a march by 4,000 protestors.

        As in the Yorkshire town of Rotherham – where campaigners were also dismissed as racists – there is understood to be a significant problem with child sexual exploitation within Govanhill”

        So ALREADY IN 2016 people were talking about child sexual exploitation in Govanhill. And nothing was being done.

  3. Thank you Eeyore your coment on 1 was what I wanted to say but much more eloquent. He is also misreading the threat, if we in the west let KIm get away with developing nukes and ICBMs it won’t be long before every tin pot Dictator in the world will be working on building them.

    • China has asked for six-way talks re NorK and denuclearization. Trump is giving China space to save face, take up the hero role, if not massive economic cruelty.
      Trump will be attending ASEAN economic forum in November. All will settled by then.

        • Happy you understand the strategy. Brilliance in motion. Trump will get few credits and China will get massive Kudos. Very enjoyable to see it fold out.

          • Sundance makes a pretty convincing case. He figures it’ll come down soon.

            I wonder how we’ll VERIFY the clean-up?

            I just hope the junk doesn’t find a new home in Iran. Even at this stage China’s “One Belt,One Road” and “Maritime Silk Road” make for a simple transfer.

            • That is the sticking point, how do we verify that China isn’t giving the equipment and fissile material to Iran? But once North Korea is handled we will be able to shift our attention to the Middle East and South America. the latter is becoming more important then most of us realize. That includes me and is probably why Trump is now talking about two walls, one at our southern border and one at Mexico’s southern border.

  4. 4 – The left has destroyed professional ball games and may well have destroyed the Collage leagues also, this disrespect of our Flag and Nation started as one BLM supporter telling lies about the police in the US. It has now grown into another left wing attack on Western Civilization. In the long run the Patriots are going to win but a lot of damage will be done to the rule of law before this happens. We in the US are going to have to return to the Constitution as it was written and remove the restore the power to the states and the people that the left conned us into letting them shift to DC.

    • Bye-bye, corporate sports!
      My Dad would’ve been very sad.
      Shameful way to go, suicide is so ugly.
      The Flag and the Anthem aren’t quite the Koran, but they’re pretty potent. Maybe hopping around their pyre is a little extreme, but I get where the guy in the clip is coming from. A girl could just cry a little.

  5. As an American by choice I am saddened by the NFL (no spine) brat. America is the best country in the world. The left is crazy: the richest class (professional NFL) overpaid disrespecting us by crying out “social injustice” .
    I canceled my cable TV 6 years ago, we have not watch football on Sunday since Kopernick .
    Let’s just hope Doctors, nurses , plumbers, electricians, cooks, mechanics start using their “rights” of “speak ” , “fix” or “treat ” because they disagreed with your political views. The left confirmed that liberalism is a mental disease. The want to stay on the plantation and cry Racism.
    God is my leader.
    I am sure he does not care about republicrats or democrats.
    I appreciate I still have freedom of speech

    • We are the best nation on earth and are the best hope for freedom surviving in the 21st Century. I posted a Stefan Molynuex video about McCarthy on the daily thread, I urge all to watch it. It is 3 hours and 25 Minuets long but is well worth the time it will take to watch it. I shows that we (the US) have been in our current position before and managed to pull out of it.

      For those who don’t know the truth about that time and McCarthy it will change your minds about a lot of history.

    • I have freedom of speech as long as I don’t exercise my rights openly in this deep-blue state. And watch out for my loved ones.

      My Russki was harassed on the T for wearing the MAGA hat I bought him. He can’t banter his way out in English well enough, but there’s still enough Soviet Army officer in him to make an attacker think twice.

      It might’ve been worse – he was wearing his kippa under the cap.

  6. Geopolitics does not apply where there is an ideological component, as there is in North Korea.

    Correlation #1,763 of the parallels between North Korea and Islam. In both cases, ideology overrides any and all other considerations. Even to the point of shirking responsibility for widespread human suffering, be it from famine, illiteracy, sexual abuse or merely treating soldiers as dispensable, single-use assets.

    Consider this:

    What [deceased second in al Qaeda command] Al-Ayyeri sees now is a “clean battlefield” in which Islam faces a new form of unbelief. This, he labels “secularist democracy.” This threat is “far more dangerous to Islam” than all its predecessors combined. The reasons, he explains in a whole chapter, must be sought in democracy’s “seductive capacities.” This form of “unbelief” persuades the people that they are in charge of their destiny and that, using their collective reasoning, they can shape policies and pass laws as they see fit. That leads them into ignoring the “unalterable laws” promulgated by God for the whole of mankind, and codified in the Islamic shariah (jurisprudence) until the end of time.

    The goal of democracy, according to Al-Ayyeri, is to “make Muslims love this world, forget the next world and abandon jihad. “If established in any Muslim country for a reasonably long time, democracy could lead to economic prosperity, which, in turn, would make Muslims “reluctant to die in martyrdom” in defense of their faith.

    As in, Islamic leaders would prefer that Muslims live in impoverished, destitute circumstances if that assures their continued availability as cannon fodder.

    With this in mind, it is important to remember is Ayn Rand’s dictum:

    Tyrannies have no sovereign rights.

    Which she expanded upon with the following corollary:

    There is no right to establish (or expand) a tyranny.

    All of which intersects rather precisely with Mao’s quote:

    Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.

    With that axiom in mind, it is worth examining this particular definition of political power. Please note how Mao’s vision of government (as based upon that gun-related maxim) has resulted in what will prove to be the most comprehensive and catastrophic environmental rape in all human history. That such cataclysmic ecological destruction is twinned with the most gigantic economic bubble of this or the previous century is no coincidence either.

    Even more staggering is how this foregoing pair of calamitous outcomes are further bracketed by some of the very worst institutionalized human rights abuses (e.g., large-scale forced abortion and involuntary organ harvesting). All of which is entirely unsurprising, since Nazi Germany and the USSR, were Red China’s demonic godparents.

    What still awaits to complete such an annihilative tetralogy is the other bookend of this horrendous compendium. That being an unimaginable gender imbalance which guarantees a socio-genetic disaster rivaled only by Islam’s millennia-plus of inbreeding.

    Communist China is the macro-model of obsessive Nazi and USSR-style ideological purity that its micro-cousin, North Korea, has driven into the realm of a statistical polarity. Exactly how upgefü¢ked the Hermit Kingdom is can be summarized in just two words:


    Patrilineal Communism, by definition, is an oxymoron. That such a thing even pretends to exist is stark testimony to the loophole-riddled flexibility of all Socialist doctrines. Is not the EU’s near-continuous violation of human rights proving this beyond doubt?

    Imagine if he tried this same sort of brinkmanship with Russia or China. How long would it last?

    This, perhaps, would be the most hilarious aspect of all—were it not so damn chilling.

    With a single nuclear-tipped missile launch by North Korea towards Russia and Communist China its ideological mentors and economic financiers—as the political forebears of North Korea—they would not even blink at grinding Pyongyang beneath an unpolished thermonuclear boot heel.

    Yet—after DECADES of supposedly skilled politicians (inhabiting several previous two-term American administrations) being all titty-fingered about the Kim régime—it has fallen upon the understandably inexperienced shoulders of a raw political newcomer like Trump to address this negligently-constructed mare’s nest of hideously complex geopolitical toxic waste.

    All of these liabilities were brewed up by generations of Ivy-League rod-walloping wankers that couldn’t find their own ass with a flashlight and both hands in a Turkish prison.


    • Yes but Trump understands something that the Ivy League doesn’t. You have to stand up to bullies or they will rule your life.

      Mao said political power comes from the barrel of a gun, well when the guns are in the hands of an armed citizenry freedom come out the barrel of a gun. Combine the first paragraph with the first sentence of this paragraph and you have the epitaph of tyrants. We in the US are fighting for the survival of freedom in the world and have elected a raw politician because we needed someone with common sense and enough guts to fight for freedom.

      • Mao said political power comes from the barrel of a gun, well when the guns are in the hands of an armed citizenry freedom come out the barrel of a gun.

        BINGO, Richard. Thank you for discerning the central point about why Mao’s adage is so inappropriate with respect to a Free Society.

        • You don’t have to study much history to see that the free nations are always those that allow the citizens to own weapons. In the Middle Ages it was England and Switzerland, the Swiss militia and the Brits requiring all freemen to own a war bow that could take an armored knight off his horse. The latter made Britain the freest Feudal nation and ensured that there wouldn’t be another invasion like 1066. The rest of Feudal Europe didn’t acquire their freedom until firearms became readily available to the common people. Tyrants always try to limit the ownership of weapons and the useful idiots always help them.

    • Hey, you guys!
      ==>Stop trashing the entire Ivy League.
      ==>Just a cheap shot.
      Everything’s gone to hell now, but it wasn’t always so.
      And anyway, you don’t diss your blog-buddy’s turf.

      • I wasn’t dissing the area just some of the big schools.

        MU is about 40 miles from where I live and it is one of the most liberal schools in the nation.

      • Yucki, nowhere have I ever said that the Ivy League has always been without worth (e.g., MIT and radar R&D). It’s just that lately, with such a dramatic overemphasis upon degrees in the corporate world, these “venerable” institutions have gained an inordinate amount of power over who succeeds economically (and politically).

        Please consider how Columbia University—an ostensible bastion of Liberal values and journalistic excellency—nevertheless invited the supremely misogynistic and homophobic Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as a guest speaker.

        Shall we discuss Harvard accepting $20 million from the Saudis for an “Islamic studies” center?

        The Liberal Eastern Educational Establishment is totally off the rails. It is pumping out poisoned young minds that will only continue to erode the foundations of American values.

  7. It’s not Buddhists killing Muslims in Myanmar, it’s Rohingya Muslims killing Buddhists from 1947
    “Now the question every one of us must be asking is, why do Muslims kill Christians? Why do Muslims kill Muslims? pretty much everywhere in the world. None of the Buddhists we know did/ does / wants to kill Muslims, at least not because of any religious reasons.…

    Christians and hindus, the 2nd and 4th largest communities, by population, are integrating just fine despite many Christian ethnicities engaging against the Buddhist Bamar (Kachin, Chin, Karen, etc), the disputes are historical, territorial and resource-based, never religious. Also, insulting religion, ANY religion, for whatever reason, is illegal in Myanmar and would land you in jail in a matter of hours. And that’s actively enforced, probably for good reason.”
    SOROS and Hydrocarbons: What’s really behind the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

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