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2 Replies to “Universities are now Stalinist boot camps”

  1. Watching this good man’s simple, uncomplicated appeals to reason—regarding how even the most repulsive expressions of belief must be given unobstructed airtime—and then listening to the all of the ridiculous objections that constantly propose inhibiting AND PUNISHING such open expression of ideas, only serves to confirm my own expectation that there will arrive a decision-gate which ends up deciding the fate of many millions of those who deem intolerance of the intolerable to be an unworthy virtue.

    Again, just to be perfectly clear, this planet is evidently inhabited by over a billion people who seem to have no problem with imposing a death sentence upon those who are (otherwise) genuinely willing to coexist with several other billion people.

    At the same time, many of these same (+billion) utterly intolerant people insist that it is “hateful” to label their own demographic group as “incompatible”, or “uncivilized”, despite their doctrinally mandated demand to commit genocide and refuse all friendly interaction with them.

    Can you see where this is heading?

    Is anybody who’s reading these words willing to declare that some sort of “happy ending” awaits the final outcome of my above observations?

    For Islam to continue pretending that it has even a slight chance of quietly persuading the world that Koranic doctrine has more to offer the global population more than a few bricks of dried dung defies all imagination.

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