Illegal street prayers in Paris demand death to the unbelievers collectively

First, the actual video. Street prayers on a major boulevard in Paris. Not some side street in the Barber district.

And below, an analysis by Aldo, the expat Algerian man who frequently does excellent commentary on the facts about Islam in Western nations, primarily France:



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  1. I sincerely dislike thinking that there might be even the slightest chance of some large lorry (or even just a speeding SUV)—of the sort which “lost its brakes” … be it at Nice, Berlin, Columbus, Stockholm, London, Chapel Hill, Jerusalem, Fremont, Brussels, or so many other utterly inexplicable key metropolitan cities.

    How can anybody in their right mind hope to explain the way that an OOC (Out Of Control) motor vehicle managed to—without the least sort of intentional navigation—run over so many “unintended” victims?

    Imagine—as in so many other locations—the outcry that might ensue if an entire boulevard full of devout, kneeling and utterly defenseless, prostrate Muslims were to be turned into so much (halal) hamburger. The mind boggles. Indeed it does!

  2. And those beyond
    The counter blogs
    Whistle while they work
    Strolling blissfully
    As tards march
    Past walking graves
    Their future marks.

  3. Sad to say, after looking at these videos, the Muslim migrant/ invader is correct.

    It appears that France & Germany have no desire to stop the destruction of their countries and have embarked on a course of national suicide by Islam.

    Thanks to Vlad and other heroic bloggers, we see the truth about what is happening in Europe on a daily basis. The saddest thing of all is that the people themselves have lost all the will to fight. They accept the fact that they are now living like a conquered people.

    • And so will fall under the dreary, backward shadow of Islam. When considering things from a purely evolutionary sort of standpoint, one has to occasionally wonder whether Western civilization and culture have run their course: if people can’t even be bothered having offspring, let alone fighting to protect their societies, then perhaps that is a message from Evolution: if you do not struggle to survive then you will be replaced.

      Evolution is an indifferent, clinical Mistress, one who cares nothing for beauty, truth, art, music – logic and intelligence, even, if they don’t contribute to more births (and they seem not to be helping the West much these days). All that matters is to breed, breed, breed, and squeeze out all other competing groups in whatever way you can. And Islam is good at doing those two things, anyway.

      • As you say, “Evolution…cares nothing for beauty, truth, art, music – logic and intelligence…”

        Those are the very qualities that make us uniquely human. That’s how we differ from snakes and apes and rats and grapes and apples and oranges.

        It’s that divine spark, that’s what we’ve got to access to survive. We’re all born with it, the soul is our birthday gift. But certain cruel experiences might extinguish that precious spark. What I call zombies, those fallen to the death cult or beaten to submission as slaves of some sort.

        The blessing and the curse are set before us: life – the soul, and death – the reduction to that which might be explained by evolution. The stakes are as high as they get: that both thou and thy seed may live.

        This is an active process: We must choose life, cultivate those qualities that define us as human: beauty, truth, art, music – logic and intelligence. Defend them, if necessary.

  4. I still have hopes that an active military resistance will form in all of the Western European nations, once the fighting starts this will happen, but until the Moslems make their major move the Europeans will follow the orders of the various governments.

  5. Monsieur Aldo’s word “combat” does not lack an equivalent outside of Arabic. He has yet to realize how commonplace the concept is elsewhere: annihilate, decimate, destroy.
    The Arabic name of the group is widely described as an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (“Islamic Resistance Movement”) as well as an Arabic word meaning “zeal.” But unlike “Islamic Jihad,” say, or “Al-Qaida,” the name “Hamas” is not just an Arabic term or an English translation of one. It also happens to be a Hebrew word meaning “violence,” among other things.
    Hamas the Hebrew word has been around since antediluvian times. In fact, it was one of the reasons God flooded the earth, according to Genesis: “And the earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence [hamas]” (6:11)

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