It looks fantastic for Germany!

It appears that the only classical liberal party, the AfD, is third everywhere in the country, This might mean that they have the 25% they need to start criminal investigations against Merkel for her opening the borders without going through the legislative procedures required by law.

Please go to Gates of Vienna regularly today for updates, graphs and latest info, as we here are working on a number of other projects, Street prayers in Paris and still cleaning up the OSCE files, and other issues.


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2 Replies to “It looks fantastic for Germany!”

  1. “classical” liberal… like those who torched churches, killed priests, threw the kings bones to the street and killed people not radical enough during the French Revolution?

    • No. Like those who wrote the bill of rights and the US Constitution. The French revolution was inspired more by post modernist thought I believe but I’ll have to check on that.

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