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11 Replies to “Live from UN: Rocket man ambassador says: “Nuclear hammer of justice””

  1. 1) The chamber is just about empty.

    2) China through Kim keeps pushing, yesterday Trump said that Kim doesn’t have much longer.

    3) I still say that China and Russia will set out the war in the Far East, they may (probably will) move in the Middle East and Russia may make a move on one or more breakaway Republics but I don’t see either moving in a manner that would require armed response from the US.

    • Is it possible that the Russians and Chinese have astutely read Trump’s personality, know that he is easily provoked, and are playing him?

      • My take is that China and Russia are thinking that we will back down like we have done for 25 years. Putin may have read Trump right since he pulled all Russians out of North Korea and pulled his people 50 miles back from the North Korean/Russian border.

        People keep thinking of Russia and China as fast friends and allies, they aren’t they are instead rivals for power that would like to see the US power reduced, not destroyed but reduced. The destruction of the US would create so much chaos that both Russia and China would have trouble surviving. This means that both parties have to be watching the other and expecting them to put a knife into the others back. Nixon was the first US President to play this card and Reagan played it also, the rest of the US Presidents pretty much ignored their rivalry. Putin wants both China and the US weakened but he is probably counting on US help in containing the Islamic Tiger he is currently riding.

        China on the other hand is trying to figure a way to survive the coming economic collapse, they don’t want the US destroyed because that would destroy their chance of surviving WWIII.

  2. Just like Islam’s endless spewing, North Korea’s rhetoric is yet another splendid example of why America really ought to be taking the malicious utterances of these wankers at face value.

    When some Iranian a$$aholla is leading 150,000 people in chanting, “Death to America”, that speaker needs to receive a .50 caliber third eye on the spot. Nothing calms down a restive crowd of Islamic wingnuts like seeing their cheerleader’s head vaporize in a pink mist.

    When Kim Jong Un talks about launching nuclear attacks on America, one of his atomic research facilities gets a MOAB. Just a quick surgical strike and that’s that. No land invasion, just instant paybacks for Psycho Fat Boy (or a minion) running his mouth.

    I care not whether these vitriolic statements are “for public consumption only”. This entire world will be a safer and more peaceful place if these shites all have to first look over their shoulder before talking about doing America harm.

    • From what I am hearing from the active duty military Trump is taking both seriously. I have heard some things that I am not going to talk about because they may be true (they are plausible) and while is is likely North Korea, China, Russia and Iran are hearing the same thing if they aren’t I don’t want to be the one to let the cat our of the bag.

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